Better Light

Better Light

Superior color rending, improved
visual acuity and consistent, uniform
light bring a fresh updated look
Longer Life

Longer Life

LED Fixtures last 10-20X Longer
than Fluorescent, and HID Lighting
backed by 5-10 year warranties
Lower Cost

Lower Cost

50-80% Energy Savings
95-100% Reduction in Lighting
Maintenance Cost

LED Lighting is Solid State Technology, providing High Quality, Super-Efficient Light
that will fundamentally change the energy and maintenance future of your company.
We are experts in Multi-Site/Multi-Location lighting rollouts. MultiSite LED
leverages the combined volume of hundreds of projects to reduce overall cost,

and provide a program that allows savings to pay for the conversion, keeping your
cash flow positive from the beginning. Call us today to find out how!

Lightshare multi-site projects

MultiSite LED separates itself from other lighting companies with a programmatic, turnkey LED lighting solution. The LightShare LED program enables a business owner to make a simple, no money down decision to upgrade the lighting across a portfolio of facilities anywhere in the US. Leveraging the savings from lower power cost and reduced maintenance cost, LightShare provides a 100% no money down financing so you will start saving immediately! LightShare monthly payments will be less than the monthly savings-allowing a “share” of the savings to be used to cover the cost of conversion, and a “share” of the savings to be returned to your bottom line.

LightShare is a simple, LED Lighting Conversion Program designed
for multi-site projects

Easy Deployment

  • Professional Lighting assessment and design
  • Benchmark stores before deployment
  • Turnkey, professional installation across the US
  • Utility Rebate Management
  • Eliminates Maintenance, 5-10 year warranties

Savings Pay for the Conversion

  • No upfront Capital
  • Application only- one day approvals
  • Immediate Savings Conversion
  • Cash-flow positive day one
  • Products that Qualify for Section 179 Tax Deduction
multi-site projects
It will improve the look and feel of your facilities, eliminate cumbersome maintenance, and enhance the bottom line. The process is simple and easy. Call us today at 704-412-4008 or click here to get more info


Industries & Applications

  • Restaurants-Quick Serve, Fast Casual, Casual
  • C-Stores and Travel Plazas
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs
  • Grocery and Variety Stores
  • Hospitality, Senior Active Living, Senior Assisted Living
  • Retail-local, regional, and national chain stores
  • Property Management Groups-Shopping centers, office buildings, warehousing, multi-family
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing Facilities
  • Parking Facilities-Parking Lots, Parking Decks, Parking Garages

The qsr Opportunity
The Casual Fast Casual Opportunity


MultiSite LED specializes in improving your site lighting, to assure your facility has a modern, maintenance free, high quality of light, and a conversion to LED that pays for itself. The projects with the best financials are facilities that operate long hours (50+hours/week or more) and Site Lighting that runs 5 or more hours per night. Additional contributors to positive financials from LED conversion include are high power cost, high maintenance cost because of access, or equipment requirements, and above average utility rebates and programs.
MultiSite LED can help you determine how your project will look, and cash flow with LED. Simply give us a call or complete the MultiSite LED Facility Assessment Request.
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