We are experts in multi-location, multi-site LED conversion projects. MultiSite LED is a full service, national provider of professional, turnkey LED lighting solutions, including Lighting as a Service (LaaS), Energy Management Systems that are all focused on the unique needs of multi-site business owners and saving money.

We deliver excellence in product selection, and project execution, through a customer-centric approach. Products and processes are proven to deliver the best, and most cost-effective solutions in the industry.

The perceived obstacle in moving to LED lighting is that it is too expensive! MultiSite LED lowers the investment and cost of LED retrofits by circumventing the traditional lighting supply chain and its endless layers of mark-up.

While MultiSite LED can provide just the LED products, our best value is in providing turn-key installation on a local, regional or national scale.


Our products are purchased factory direct, eliminating the need and mark-up of distributors, or supply houses. We are a lean operation, focused on minimizing overhead and using centralized engineering, design, procurement and project management.

Our method and approach is simple. We want to be your lighting services partner, working with you to evaluate and benchmark a few facilities initially to assure your LED conversion(s) will achieve the desired outcome from an aesthetic, and an energy saving standpoint. Then, we take the established product selections, and design principles and implement across your entire portfolio of facilities.

Full Service-Project Management

Project management is critical in our process. If you own or operate several facilities, you know implementing anything across all locations is difficult and time intensive.

We utilize the latest in software and mobile devices to capture the details of an assessment, so that we can work through design, and quickly and efficiently implement a proven solution.

The technology platform allows us to capture the small details, the areas that need to be addressed, and to help our installation teams know what to expect.

Our work is done with an emphasis on minimizing impact to your business while we are working in your facilities. In many cases our work is done “off-hours”.

In a QSR restaurant for instance, we stage materials at closing, then work through the night so that in the morning, your interior is 100% LED!

 Our team and project managers will handle:

  • Facility Assessment
  • Rebates (evaluation, applications, and finals)
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Labor Selection and Management

Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

MSL can provide a full range of LED fixtures, retrofit kits and replacement lamps including:

  • High Bay, Low Bay, and Canopy (fixtures and retrofit kits)

  • Roadway, Parking Lot, and Parking Garage fixtures

  • 2’, 4’, and 8’ LED Florescent Replacement and LED Light Panels (Florescent T-8 and T-12 Replacement)

  • LED Bulbs (lamps) and Replacement Kits for indoor and outdoor applications-A19, BR, Par, Spotlight, Candelabra, and PL Lamps, Indoor and outdoor recessed can lights, and more


Any business that has moderate to high electric lighting demands can benefit from MSL lighting solutions and the MultiSite ESP energy management systems. Businesses can experience benefits in the form of improved facility appearance, increased sales, improved worker safety, reduced crime, and lower air conditioning costs (from reduced heat output from lighting) all while reducing lighting energy and reduced maintenance costs.


 Step 1: Analyze

  • We collect a facility location list and a power bill from each location

  • We visit a representative number of facilities to assess existing lighting

  • including Existing fixtures, wattages, and burn hours

  • Lighting Layout and performance

  • Maintenance requirements and ongoing costs

 Step 2: Optimize

  • We determine best solutions for interior and exterior LED

  • Conversion Evaluate Utility Rebates and incentives

  • Utilize photometric analysis to optimize number, wattage and types of fixtures

  • Prepare a simple proposal summarizing the savings and financial opportunity

 Step 3: Standardize

  • We review the products, proposals, and portfolio summary with you
  • Identify a benchmark facility or group of facilities (typically 1-6) for evaluation Provide Light Share financing approval
  • Install LED in Benchmark facility(s) to confirm fixture selection and develop standards with you

 Step 4: Realize

  • Confirm benchmarks, and standardize for all facilities Roll-out across an entire portfolio of facilities
  • File all paperwork, and manage the utility rebate process
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