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5 Reasons Why Restaurants Are Reluctant to Adopt Energy Management Systems

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Many restaurants struggle with high energy bills resulting from their extremely high energy consumption. In many cases, energy is among the top 3 huge costs for a restaurant. The good news is that comprehensive and cost-effective energy management systems (EMS) are available to help restaurants control energy consumption and hence drive down energy costs and increase profitability.

Most forward-looking restaurants have already implemented EMS to reap its numerous benefits. Regrettably, some restaurants are still reluctant to adopt EMS and miss its extensive benefits. Below are five reasons some restaurants have not implemented EMS.

1. Small Business Size

Small restaurants feel they are too small to benefit from EMS. They think that EMS is a preserve for big restaurants with multiple locations and huge energy bills. For example, a franchise with a few locations or a restaurant owner with a single location may think that EMS cannot help them improve their operations and increase the profitability of their restaurants.                                   

Restaurant EMS is ideal for any food service business regardless of its size. Also, The energy costs account for a substantial amount of your monthly expenses— having a small restaurant doesn't scare the energy costs away. Therefore, EMS can be beneficial for small restaurants too and help them control their energy consumption and reduce costs.  

2. Huge Installation Costs

A good number of restaurants shun from EMS because of the high installation costs. Installing a restaurant EMS can be costly, and restaurants have to incur the cost of the EMS software, equipment required for the system, and labor expenses. The cost becomes too much for small restaurants with restricted budgets.

Although your restaurant could incur a significant expense when adopting a restaurant EMS, it is a worthy investment with good returns in the long run. You will get cost savings in future through reduced energy bills, less inefficiency, and decreased maintenance fees.

MultiSite offers a way to avoid upfront expenses by leveraging your immediate savings on energy, labor and management costs to pay for your entire project.

3.   Measuring ROI

Some restaurants are reluctant to adopt EMS because they are unsure about how to measure ROI. How will they know if their investment will pay back and after how long? Some restaurant managers have problems convincing the owners that an EMS is a good investment.

Most EMS vendors such as MutiSite LED take you through the phases of EMS adoption from installation to ROI. They explain to you how your initial investment will be paid before you commit. With MultiSite LED restaurant EMS, you save money, time, effort, energy, and get a ROI in fewer than two years.

4. Integration with existing systems

Many restaurants worry that EMS will not integrate with their current systems. They are afraid that they will have to monitor the lighting system, an HVAC system, and a security system separately which may be overwhelming.

However, the contemporary restaurant EMS seamlessly integrate with different building control systems to give you a single, useable front-end experience. You control your security, HVAC, and lights system with a single remote portal.

5. Ease of Operation

Some restaurant owners and managers perceive EMS as a complex system that is hard to operate. They think they need to hire a professional to operate the system once it's installed.

However, today's restaurant EMS is easy to operate and utilize the latest user interface design to enhance the experience of the users. Managing your energy becomes as easy as operating your smartphone.             

Restaurant EMS provides an opportunity for food service providers to slash energy costs, cut operating expenses, and improve their bottom line. Unfortunately, many restaurants are yet to adopt EMS due to numerous reasons.

This article serves as a wake up call to those restaurants that have not implemented EMS and are missing its vast benefits. The clock is ticking; it's time to contact MultiSite LED for a consultation on restaurant EMS.   

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