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LED Lighting

Best Lighting for Retail - Understanding How LaaS (Lighting as a Service) Helps

Thinking of lighting as a service might sound strange when you've long taken lighting for granted in your retail business. If you're only now paying a...

LED Lighting

How SENIOR LIVING Communities Can Switch to LED Lighting Essentially for Free

Owners and executive managers at senior living and retirement communities may already be aware of the many benefits LED lighting offers, yet are unawa...

LED Lighting

LED LIGHTS for Business

Making the case for LED lighting vs. incandescent, CFL, and halogen lighting alternatives isn't very difficult, yet this doesn't automatically mean bu...

LED Lighting Restaurant Lighting

RESTAURANT Lighting IDEAS: How Using Colored LED's Can Set Mood

No doubt you already know the power of color in the marketing you do for your restaurant. Did you know it's possible to use colored lights without it ...

LED Lighting

Converting to LED Lighting in Multiple Locations

Many companies are heeding the advice of experts and converting their lighting to LEDs. A recent report from Goldman Sachs says,

LED Lighting

5 Benefits of Lighting As a Service (LaaS)

When most people think about hiring lighting professionals for conversions and repairs, they think of it as a 'field service'. You choose whichever li...

LED Lighting

Why Retailers Should Convert to Modern LED Lighting

  Fashion retailers intuitively understand the role that presentation plays in merchandising apparel. They know that in addition to having the latest ...

LED Lighting


The world of manufacturing continues to thrive, even if a lot of their equipment is being managed through automation. Regardless, it still takes human...

Using LED Lights Over Tables in Restaurants

If you've finally realized the energy efficiency and long life of LED lights for your restaurant, the installation is your next step. Have you decided...