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Best Lighting for Retail - Understanding How LaaS (Lighting as a Service) Helps

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best lighting for retail

Thinking of lighting as a service might sound strange when you've long taken lighting for granted in your retail business. If you're only now paying attention to how much your energy bill is, lighting is going to finally become an important problem to solve.

Doing away with incandescent and CFL lighting should become a top priority above all. While CFL bulbs were once the economical choice, LED's are now becoming the norm.

Alongside LED lighting is a new and popular trend: Lighting as a service (LaaS). Take a look at how this can benefit your retail business.

Defining What LaaS Is

When you merge the IT concept of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with LED lights, you're basically bringing more control over how you manage your LED lighting.

For a retail business like yours, this is an important aspect if you don't have time to take care of lighting maintenance. When you start using LaaS technology, you're allowing a company providing LED lighting to install them for you and take on future repairs.

Thanks to more advanced wireless technology, LaaS means something else entirely. It also means being able to take care of various issues with your LED lights with remote management. All of this occurs with a recurring fee, much like when you buy and use solar arrays in a home or business.

What specific benefits would your retail business have using LaaS in the coming year?

Bringing Better Building Management

With light-based communications being a technology benefit of LaaS systems, you'll bring better building management all the way around. Your provider being able to communicate with your lighting systems remotely can also mean gleaning information about other things going on in your building.

This offers control of other devices within your building for improved energy efficiency.

Using LED lights already saves you up to 80% on your energy bill, so having them managed through a service only makes this work more efficiently. Even though LED lights last for up to a decade (depending on amount of usage), imagine being able to have a crew ready to come provide maintenance when it's necessary.

Providing Security

Your retail store is perhaps a franchise, which means your lighting fixtures are likely numerous. Hundreds of LED lights would need activating to accommodate each location.

If something goes wrong in any of those places, how would you know without complete monitoring? LaaS offers security management as well so your retail store never experiences a lighting outage.

Yes, this works similarly to an IT "as a service" where a tech team monitors your system 24/7 for any problems.

On-demand repairs are a big part of this so you always get expert maintenance without going through someone you don't know.

Expertise with Complex Lighting Fixtures

There isn't any question that LED's are complex lighting systems. Even though many industries now use them, it's always better to go through a real LED dealer with full knowledge of how to install them properly.

A lot of LED's now have different features to benefit your retail store. You can buy them in multiple colors, with dimming capabilities, and other effects.

These complex aspects can become confusing without having a service ready to help you understand proper management. Lighting as a Service brings real experts who know how to educate you on what you're investing in while bringing expert repair.

At MultiSite LED, we've become a leader in bringing LaaS service through the process of offering ongoing maintenance when you join our LightShare Program. We'll analyze what you need in multiple retail locations and install your LED's with no money down.

Contact us to learn more about the energy efficiency of LED's and why LaaS is the future of managing lighting for all industries.