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Converting to LED Lighting in Multiple Locations

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converting to led lighting

Many companies are heeding the advice of experts and converting their lighting to LEDs. A recent report from Goldman Sachs says,

LED Lighting and the Future.

"The rapid adoption of LEDs in lighting marks one of the fastest technology shifts in human history."

  • As recently as 2009, the US had fewer than 400,000 installations of common home LED bulbs. According to Department of Energy statistics, 3 years later the US had 14 million installations and 2 years after that there were 78 million installations. 
  • Meanwhile, between 2008 and 2014, the cost of LEDs per kilolumen has dropped 93 percent (from $150 to $10).
  • The time and expense to transition to LED lighting have also dropped significantly. Projections suggest that in two years from now, 69 percent of the total global lighting base will be LEDs. 

This change to deploying LEDs is on track to save $20 billion dollars in electricity costs within a decade and lower emissions from energy generation by 100 million tons of CO2 per year. LED conversion is proceeding four times faster than conversion to electric cars and nearly twice as fast as the development of solar and wind energy. LEDs account for more than 77 percent of global lighting sales.

Ease of Installation.

The engineers who designed LED lighting have made the switch to LED bulbs very easy. LED bulbs fit into the same screw-in fixtures as incandescent bulbs. The only thing that you have to do is make sure that the bulbs you buy will meet the same standards of light level and color temperature as the bulbs you replace.

Although the cost of LED bulbs is higher than the cost of incandescent bulbs (at least for now), the bulbs will last many months longer. Some LEDs can last for years longer. LEDs will reduce your power usage significantly. LEDs do not suddenly burn out. Eventually, you will sense a slow diminution of the light level indicating that you should replace the bulb.

LEDs and Interior Design.

Although the main-stream of LED lights is made with a simple screw-base, the LED comes in a wide range of decorative forms.

  • The actual LED is a very small piece of crystal. The light comes from simply connecting the crystal to a DC light source.
  • Whereas old fashioned bulbs are relatively large and the light is diffuse, the LED can be close to a point-source of light which can be directed or focused in a particular direction.
  • Fixtures can be made to focus the light in specific directions to fill-in just where it is needed.
  • Since LED lamps are not physically hot, you can install highlight lamps without having to be concerned about heat damage.
  • LED lights can be very small, like tiny jewels and still put out substantial lighting power. 
  • LED lights can be found over a range of color temperatures, from warm light (yellow like a candle) to cool light (white and blue-white). 
  • Most LED lights are "dimmable." However, you may (or may not) have to buy a dimmer switch that especially works with them. The incandescent light involves a different kind of AC circuit and may not work with your LED light.
  • LED lights are instant-on. They go on and off with almost no latency time. For the last decades, LEDs have been used in lighting displays because they have the precision to be coordinated into moving images. The can also be used to send precise digital signals when used in remote controls.

LEDs are electronic devices. There are some differences between brands and manufacturing processes. The selection of your particular LED lighting may take a little study and consultation to get the best quality. There is a quality standard, the Energy Star designation which many regard as a seal of quality approval.

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