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5 Benefits of Energy Management Systems for Restaurants (Pt. 2)

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In the first part of this topic, we examined the energy usage of restaurants and the growing market for energy management systems.

 We also covered the first two benefits of energy management systems for restaurants:

  • Initial Assessment Identifies Inefficiencies
  • Reduced Energy Consumption Lowers Costs and Improves Green Marketability

Although those two benefits are convincing in themselves, there are three more worth noting. Let's continue exploring how restaurants benefit from implementing energy management systems by examining three more notable benefits.

3. Remote Monitoring and Management:

Another key benefit energy management systems offer restaurants is their ability to remotely monitor and manage energy usage.

Using hardware, software, and cloud and mobile computing technology, premium energy management systems can remotely monitor and manage equipment performance and overall energy usage, in order to make adjustments automatically when needed.

Remote automation controls streamline anomaly detection with temperatures, equipment performance, maintenance, water usage, and even oil quality levels. For instance, the MultiSite ESP Platform provides automatic management and corrective actions remotely from a data assessment center 24/7.

MultiSite ESP Control Platform also gives restaurants the ability to access comprehensive energy usage and correction reports from a desktop and mobile app. This gives them the convenience of having real-time visibility with energy usage, operational efficiency, equipment performance, and any corrections made, anytime and anywhere.

4. Reports and Insights Bring Continuous Improvements:

Energy management systems give restaurants the tools needed to see their energy usage and performance in real-time. Standard and custom reports give owners and managers the insights needed to optimize their equipment and operations for continuous energy usage improvements.

For instance, if the temperature in a walk-in cooler consistently fluctuates to unsafe levels, restaurant owners may decide to upgrade that piece of equipment; or maybe the HVAC equipment is consistently being left on when the restaurant is closed, in which case managers can train employees better, etc.

Detailed reports will help restaurants fine-tune their energy usage and optimize it over time, as they'll give owners and managers the insights needed to pinpoint inefficient patterns with usage and operational workflows.

5. High ROI with Discounted Implementation:

One of the best parts of implementing an energy management system is the high ROI restaurants will gain, especially, considering the rebates and incentives offered by utility companies and governments.

For instance, Shari's Cafe and Pies was able to save between 30 to 70 percent of project costs by using utility rebates.

Premium energy management system providers will help restaurants coordinate and realize any rebates and incentives available, both at local and federal levels. This, in addition to energy cost savings, means implementing energy management systems will bring restaurants a high ROI in the short and long-term.


This concludes part one and two of this topic; after examining the five benefits presented, restaurant owners and managers should have a better understanding of what's to gain by implementing energy management systems. Indeed, advanced technology can be leveraged by modern restaurants to optimize their energy usage and, ultimately, improve their bottom line.  

The large amount of energy required to run a restaurant can be efficiently assessed, monitored, optimized, managed, and improved upon with energy management systems.

With the help of cloud and mobile computing, energy usage can be remotely monitored and managed with automation controls. This helps restaurants stay in compliance, optimize their equipment and operations, reduce energy costs, and improve their green marketability.

The rapid growth of the energy management system market shows that modern businesses are becoming aware of these benefits, yet in order for them to optimally realize these benefits, they'll need to choose a premium energy management system provider.

MultiSite LED understands the specific energy needs of restaurant businesses and has designed the perfect energy management system for them. If interested in learning more please contact us today.