How does Lighting as a Service (LaaS) Work? 

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how does lighting as a service work

The lighting industry has been undergoing significant changes in the past decade. Among the changes include the trend towards LED lights over traditional lights because of their high performance and cost savings. This trend has seen many businesses and government institutions conduct retrofits to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting. A LED retrofit or conversion is an expensive but beneficial investment that reduces energy and maintenance costs. Regrettably, a good number of enterprises cannot afford the upfront costs for a LED conversioon and hence miss this amazing technology. To reduce the upfront costs and elicit growth in the LED lighting market, manufacturers and service providers have devised a financial structure called Lighting as a Service (LaaS).

What is Lighting as a Service?

LaaS is a financial structure that helps private and public firms take advantage of the benefits of LED lighting without worrying about the associated costs. It is a subscription-based pricing model that does not require you to make a capital investment for your lighting upgrade. Instead, the costs of the entire upgrade are broken over a certain duration making it a very affordable option for companies.

How does LaaS Work?

Rather than putting a huge initial investment at the beginning of your retrofit and denying your business operating capital, LaaS is the way to go. MultiSite LED can come to your premises and conduct an analysis on their dime.

They will take care of all aspects of the conversion ranging from assessment to design, incentive program paperwork and installation. MultiSite LED will install and warrant LED lighting that is both long-lasting and highly efficient. They source LED lighting products from the best manufacturers to reduce your maintenance costs.

You can use the money you save from reduced energy bills to service the monthly payment for the lighting. LaaS is a great way to enjoy a lighting upgrade without compromising your business' cash flow. It has positive results for reducing operating and maintenance costs, improving lighting, and generating positive cash flow for your enterprise.

Just like subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, LaaS is convenient, easy to get started with and most importantly, easy on your budget. So why go through the upfront huge costs if you can subscribe to an affordable monthly service?

With LaaS, you do not have to wonder how your business will afford the initial investment of a LED retrofit or how you will convince your organizational leaders that it is a worthy endeavor.    

What problems does LaaS solve?

As mentioned above, LaaS spares you from the huge upfront costs for a lighting retrofit. LaaS acknowledges that the initiation investment for a retrofit can be a big hindrance to implementing a retrofit even for willing organizations.

It offers an alternative to pay a monthly fee from part of the money you save from the conversion. Additional cost savings estimated from reduced maintenance costs because MultiSite LED caters for your lighting maintenance. When lights  burn out the replacement will be handled for you.

LaaS solves the problem of missing the latest improvements and cost savings that come with an LED conversion or upgrade. With LaaS, you do not have to be stuck in yesterday's technologies when advancements come. Some LaaS include upgrading costs in the monthly fee and hence you enjoy upgrades as they hit the market. The good thing is that the upgrades adhere to state and federal requirements.     

If your company has been considering a LED retrofit but worried about the upfront costs associated with it, then LaaS is an option worth considering. LaaS allows you to conduct a LED conversion for your organization without a sizeable capital outlay.

It helps your business capture the costs savings, increased efficiency, and energy savings that accompany a LED retrofit without breaking the bank. Contact MultiSite LED if you have any questions about LaaS.