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Electronics Stores Installing LED Lighting : Savings and Better Light

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Owning an electronics store is already a competitive business that sometimes requires subtle things to differentiate yourself from competitors. While you might try different branding tactics to accomplish this, sometimes lighting can make all the difference.

No doubt you wonder how lighting can become such a big deal in branding. It all depends on what type of lighting systems you use. If you're still using old lighting systems like incandescent or fluorescent lights in your store, you're probably not bringing the best aesthetic appeal. You're also facing larger energy bills since it costs more to operate them over the long-term.  You'll experience savings and aesthetic value when switching to LED lighting.

Dealing With Your Electronic Store's Energy Bill

Have you thought about how much energy you're burning running electronics items in your store all day? It pays to use Energy.gov's energy calculator to show you how much you're probably burning in the store if operating for long hours.

You'll find your lighting is probably adding most of the cost, especially if using incandescent or fluorescent lights.  Switching to LED lighting is going to reduce this bill considerably considering they only burn 6 to 8 watts if you use 60-watt LED lights.

Overall, they'll give you up to 50%-80% in total energy savings. However, when you own multiple locations, you're going to appreciate what they bring in changing your store's aesthetics.

Improving Your Electronic Store's Aesthetic Value

One great thing about LED lighting is it's directional, which is different from other lighting systems that just throw light in all directions. When showcasing electronic products, this can do a lot to add aesthetic value to your brand.

In flood or recessed lighting form, it's especially good if you also display products on walls. Just the slightest tweak in lighting like this can help you make products look more appealing. This also works to help bring other changes to the look of your store.

Don't underestimate how LED lighting can make people feel and what it does to make your store have a specific style that makes you different.

Real-World Cases of LEDs in Electronics Stores

Here at MultiSite LED, we work with many industries to help install LED lighting in multiple locations. We've worked with electronic stores as well, and one case study shows you a major success story.

When we installed LED lighting in three Cartridge World stores (located in Georgia), we changed the game for them. This printer cartridge franchise managed to realize their LED investment would bring an annual savings of $2,653. After a decade, this would lead to $19,960 in savings. As a lifetime savings value, they estimated it would come to $110,000.

Imagine what your own electronics store could do with money like this saved over a period of time.  We make installation even easier for you when time is of the essence.

Finding a Convenient Time for LED Installation

Through our LightShare program, we help install LED lighting in stores like yours through a four-step system. It all starts with an assessment first to determine when the best time is to install your new LED lighting.

Our program allows convenience on this so it doesn't disrupt your business or create excess downtime. We're noted for installing LED lighting in multiple locations quickly and efficiently, meaning all your stores can easily be accommodated in short order.

Now you can finally get serious about improving your electronics store in ways you probably didn't expect without inconvenience.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about how we can help electronic stores like yours see real value in LED lighting.