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Largest Restaurant Franchisees: Realization of LED Lighting Benefits

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Those of you running a restaurant franchise may have to place considerable focus on marketing and hiring the right people most of the time. It's easy to overlook something restaurant franchisees often take for granted: Lighting.

Whether it's lighting indoors or in your parking areas, the type of lighting you're using is going to make a big difference in your budget. Yet, as a large franchise, switching to anything other than the lighting systems you're currently using might seem overwhelming.

Take a look at why switching to LED's is your best bet on a major financial level.

Are Large Franchises Switching to LED Lighting?

Statistics show many large restaurant franchises now realize the value in LED lighting systems. Some examples are McDonald's after making a huge initiative to go green. Part of this was switching to using LED lighting to save up to as much as 20% on energy in their restaurants worldwide.

Many other restaurant franchises continue to find inroads to doing the same thing, including Burger King. The latter managed to save $18,000 per facility when switching to LED lighting in a number of New Jersey franchises.

When you work with an LED installation team, they can show you other examples of franchises they've likely worked for recently.

Other Real-World Franchise Projects

At MultiSite LED, we've become a leader in providing LED lighting installations for many different franchises. Some of our personal projects involve working with famous restaurant franchises to help them do an LED upgrade.

One such example was a project we did not long ago for KFC. In fact, we did several LED installs for KFC franchises in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Michigan, and New Jersey. All of them managed to calculate a lifetime savings of up to $295,000. After their first year, this came out to $4,373 in cash flow.

We did the same with a Burger King project bringing similar savings. Their lifetime savings calculation bested the KFC projects at $425,000.

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How Are Restaurant Franchises Accomplishing Their Upgrades?

Many of these large franchises felt some initial trepidation about how they'd manage to upgrade to LED lighting without experiencing downtime. When you have dozens (if not even hundreds) of restaurants in your franchise, the idea of having to install something new can become a major headache for management.

The secret to this is to work with an installation expert that knows how to get it done without having to usurp your time. This is what we do at MultiSite LED, making it work through an effective system.

It all starts with an inspection and analysis of your current lighting systems to see what you're using and your energy spend each month. If you're still using incandescent or fluorescent tubes, chances are you're not seeing a huge ROI.

While fluorescent lighting systems were an improvement over incandescent lights, LED's wipe them out of the water in energy savings and longevity.

Our LightShare Program

To achieve installation in multiple locations, we offer our LightShare Program to help you achieve the most benefit quickly. We start this by installing your LED lighting systems with no money down. You won't find this through many other LED companies, mainly because they want to profit first rather than look out for their business customers.

Our mission is to help you start to find energy savings immediately. Your ROI is going to become so significant, you'll more than meet your profit goals even after you pay for your LED lights.

We'll work closely with you to install in all your franchises when it's convenient for your schedule.

Contact us to learn more about our installation process and how much your restaurant franchise can realistically save using LED lighting.

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