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Why Consistent LED Light Color Matters for Multi-Site Businesses

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Every light has a color.

We almost never think about the color of the light around us but it creates the texture of our experiences and colors our memories. When you remember a place, this memory comes with an impression of the color of the light as well.

Some memories come with the golden glow of old filament lights, some with the cool almost blue-white light of new commercial fixtures. The color of lighting also affects our sense of consistency.

People have been telling what time it is by the color and angle of sunlight long before the first word of written history. And when the light is different from one facility to the next, your customers are sure to notice.  

First Impressions and Commercial Lighting

When a customer walks through the door of your facility for the first time, they form an impression. Out of necessity, we determine what kind of place we have entered by taking a look around, and the lighting makes a huge impact on what that impression might be.

Bright and clear lighting combined with a sparkling clean interior will let customers know that this is a briskly efficient facility. They will subtly straighten up, watch their language, and expect the same of the staff. 

In contrast, a dimly lit venue with warm yellowed lighting, eclectic decor and soft seating will tell customers they have entered a place more akin to a bar or cozy coffee shop. They will relax, slouch comfortably into a booth, and possibly text a few friends to join them.

Using LEDs to Create the Perfect Lighting Ambiance

In the world of our childhoods, light color was defined by the type and age of the bulb doing the illuminating. Fluorescent bulbs are a clear, near-blinding white, incandescents grow yellow with age.

But modern facilities are no longer limited to light provided by glowing filaments or gas-filled tubes. The current best commercial (and residential) lighting solution is LED diodes which glow at a cool safe temperature and almost any color in the visible light spectrum.

What this means is that you, as a business owner or building manager, can now custom tailor the ambiance of your facility without relying on now-outdated lighting technology.

LEDs set to a clear cool white can create a spotless retail environment or LEDs set to a warm dark yellow can create the cozy ambiance of a welcoming bar, diner, or coffee shop. Cool or warm, light or dim. You can even have distinct colors like red, blue, or green if that suits your needs. And, of course, anything in between.

Lighting Consistency Between Multiple Facilities

Custom tailoring the lighting in your facility can allow you to fine-tune your ambiance. From bright and clinical to cool and inviting, your venue should provide customers with an ambiance that perfectly suits your brand.

But LED lights set to a specific color and brightness also solves a problem multi-facility businesses have been struggling with for decades: creating a consistent ambiance from one facility to the next.

Customers who are familiar with one facility have, in the past, experienced a real shock when entering a venue of the same brand with a different set of light bulbs.

But with LEDs which don't 'burn down' like filament bulbs or fade like gas-tube bulbs, you can be certain that each and every one of your facilities is lit with the exact same color and brightness.

For your customers, walking into one facility will feel almost exactly the same as walking into your second, third, or fourth facilities no matter how geographically far each venue is from the next.


Creating the same perfected ambiance for each one of your multiple facilities goes beyond branding. It's like telling your customers that no matter where they find one of your venues, they will get the same familiar experience they have come to rely on near home.

Let our multi-facility LED services help you to upgrade your fixtures and ensure that every one of your facilities provides an identical quality of light and the same welcoming ambiance your brand should be known for.

For more information on how to take control of the impression your lighting leaves on customers and employees alike, contact us today!

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