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LED Lighting is Gaining Momentum: Change Your Energy Future

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Never underestimate the power of lighting when it comes to making your business not only function better, but look better. LED lighting, especially, is gaining momentum in many companies worldwide. It's no surprise why when you see the benefits LED lighting brings in saving you money and bringing enhanced aesthetic value.

Our staff at MultiSite LED recently noted LED lighting is ubiquitous now in every city and town. You see it used in street lights, parking lots, and in many commercial businesses.

Businesses especially benefit because of how long these bulbs last and their proven energy efficiency. Take a look at how you can change your company's energy future using LED lighting this year.


Energy Savings

Last year, our company installed LED lighting in many restaurants managed by Fulenwater Enterprises in nine of their KFC, Taco Bell, and YUM! combo stores.

After the roll-out, these franchises discovered they cut lighting operation budgets by 79% using LED technology.

This alone tells you how much energy savings you'll receive using an LED lighting system. The LED lights work this way thanks to higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. For the evolution of lighting, this is a big step, though many businesses are still discovering what LED lighting can do for their budgets.

Part of the energy savings also comes in how long these lights last. They last up to three times longer than conventional lighting systems like incandescent or flourescent. You don't have to worry about replacing them for years, which is a good thing if your lights are in precarious places.


led lighting


Better Lighting Direction

As a business, you may have multi-site locations that need specific types of lighting. LED lights emit light in specific directions, making it easier to highlight certain items. When wanting to showcase new products, LED lights work better for recessed lighting so you don't have to use reflectors or diffusers.

It's the same with task lighting, which benefits your employees who work in the back offices. Since LED's don't emit heat, it can keep your office space (and store space) cooler as your employees work.

With recessed downlights being common in many companies, you can save up to 75% on downlight wattage using LEDs.

This is a comparison of typical bulbs to give you an idea of the different technology. Most of the LED lights MultiSite LED uses are commercial LED light fixtures and are not bulbs but we wanted to share this comparison with you to help demonstrate the differences between old lighting and the new LED technology lights.


led lighting


Size and Aesthetic Advantages

One thing you'll appreciate about LED lights is they're smaller than other types of lighting, making them easier to fit in hard-to-reach areas. This means you can use LEDs in a lot of creative places around your building for convenience of better lighting or to make an artistic statement.

These lights have more aesthetic value as a result. It's possible to blend them together to create different color options. To highlight signage or to decorate your building, this is ideal without having to use overly visible lighting fixtures.


Durability in Harsh Conditions

If your business exists in an overly harsh climate, LED lights are also going to benefit you. Those of you who live in places with annual snow and ice storms already know how advantageous LED lighting is. These bulbs can withstand most harsh weather, particularly very cold temperatures.

In fact, LEDs operate better in the cold. This is in contrast to fluorescent lamps that require higher voltage to start.

Now you can place LED outdoors in bitter cold and not worry about them being damaged. You can also use them efficiently in refrigerated areas, freezers, or other cold storage spaces. In an industrial setting, this makes for improved working conditions.

At MultiSite LED, we're leading experts in multi-site/multi-location lighting rollouts using LED lighting technologies.

Contact us to learn more about our services as a national provider of professional, turnkey LED lighting solutions. 

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