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Commercial LED Lighting Conversions: Travel Plazas

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travel plaza lighting

One business franchise you've perhaps invested in recently is a group of travel plazas intended for tourists. While some might call these "rest stops", your travel plazas are perhaps more extensive. You may offer shops where you sell food or tourist items. Plus, you may offer various places for visitors to sit and rest after hours of arduous travel.

A travel plaza like this is going to need good lighting, especially if you run these late into the night along major highways.

Lighting is important in myriad ways. Using LED's will help fulfill any challenge you have.

Using LED Lighting in Your Travel Plaza Parking Area

The use of LED lighting has increased immensely in public parking areas for numerous safety reasons. In a travel plaza along a highway, the chances are always there some kind of crime could occur. No doubt you've heard plenty of stories about similar incidents in rest stops along freeways. In fact, on a national scale, too many dangerous incidents still occur in the traditional rest stop.

Maybe your travel plaza continues being lucky in avoiding such incidents. Nevertheless, you need to consider keeping visitors safe. Evidence shows using LED lighting in parking areas helps deter crime.

It's one of the first things to consider if setting up LED lights in your travel plazas, including if you own multiple plazas across state lines.

Using LED Lights in Your Shops

If you have any shops in your travel plaza, you'll want to use grocery stores and retail stores as your models in using LED lighting. Many of those now use this type of lighting for energy savings and to boost their aesthetics.

You'll be able to do the same in your plaza shops since they may meld elements of retail and grocery.

One thing you'll find useful is that LED lights are directional, making it possible to better highlight specific products you're selling. It also makes food look better as many grocery and retail stores continue to learn.

Directional light will also help with safety around doorways or steps if you have any. As a travel plaza, you want to keep the area as safe as possible to avoid possible lawsuits.

LED Lights in the Restrooms

Of course, restrooms are a big part of rest areas and travel plazas. Some of your visitors may stop just to use a bathroom, though your shops might entice them to stay a little longer.

It's time to make your bathrooms safe and appealing with LED lighting. Directional light in there will help visitors be able to see what they're doing, including over mirrors and sinks. People want to see themselves in the best possible light (literally), and bathroom mirrors are worth considering so they'll visit your travel plaza again.

Many restaurants focus on this same aspect as part of their overall aesthetic.

Highlighting Important Travel Information

Your travel plaza may also feature travel brochures or other relevant information tourists want to read or take. Placing directional LED lighting over maps or travel booklets will help them stand out to visitors.

Thanks to LED lights having customized variations, you can also use colored LED's, including ones with dimming capabilities to create different effects.

Travel plazas are usually a little classier places than rest stops. It's possible to stylize yours with lighting as a sense of branding.

Where Do You Turn for Your LED Lights?

It's important to find an LED lighting company with extensive background in doing multi-site installs. We've become a leader in this field at MultiSite LED.

Through our LightShare Program, you'll be able to enjoy having us install your LED lights in each travel plaza for no money down.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of LED lighting and how it can change your travel plaza for the better.