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LED Lighting for Active Retirement Living: The Psychological Factor

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We've written extensively about many of the commercial applications for LED lighting systems, but we don't often talk about its psychological benefits. Nowhere does this have a larger impact than in active retirement living centers.

Those over 65 who still have a sense of independence (but choose to live in a retirement complex) need good lighting to live well. Have you paid attention to how lighting makes residents feel in the retirement center you own?

LED lighting has a definite effect on moods. These lights also bring an element of safety in retirement living.

What Kind of Lighting Are You Currently Using?

LED lighting is being used more all the time in retirement living facilities. The cost savings and reduction in maintenance is already well-known.

The question is, are you paying attention to the lighting you currently use? After years of using incandescent or CFL bulbs, you're definitely not saving any money. Even if you switched to CFL's after using incandescent lights for years prior, you're still not going to save as much as you would using LED's.

One thing about the above lighting types is they disperse light rather work as directional. From a psychological standpoint, this could affect a lot of things for the seniors living in your facility.

First of all, this affects how they're able to see and even read. When in their rooms, they may depend on good lighting for reading or other activities. Without having directional light, it could worsen their eyesight.

No doubt this explains why GE is phasing out their CFL bulbs in favor of LED's.

LED Lighting Creates Better Moods

Depression is still a leading problem in many retirement centers. Using overly dim lighting could become a strong factor in this mental health issue.

Psychological science shows using LED lighting in general helps create better moods for people. Imagine what this could do for your active living retirement residents. Having them feel better and be more active is obviously your key goal. You likely never thought lighting would play a strong factor in this, yet it truly can.

Keep in mind this applies to more than just resident rooms. You can help resident moods in on-site gyms while they work out, in dining areas, or even outdoors. Using LED lighting around sports areas helps your residents see and feel better as they attempt to stay active.

The Safety Aspect to Using LED Lighting

Multi-family housing complexes are starting to use LED lighting more often as a means to bring enhanced safety to those residents. An active living retirement center is somewhat similar to multi-family housing. With possible steps and other precarious areas around your living quarters, using directional (and bright) LED lights helps prevent any accidents.

Outdoors, this is just as invaluable. Your retirement facility is going to have a large parking area, just like any commercial business. Placing LED lights around these areas will help your residents feel safer.

On a psychological level, having your residents know they're safe will help them feel more at ease with their lifestyles while living on your property.

Reducing Costs in Your Retirement Facility

Using our LightShare program here at MultiSite LED, we'll help you transition easily to LED lights. If you have multiple retirement facilities throughout your local region (or in various states), we can get the installations done at the best possible times to avoid any disruptions.

Best of all, we'll be able to install LED's without you having to make a huge down payment. Our "no money down" guarantee allows you to experience an immediate ROI from your investment first before you pay anything.

Reducing costs like this in your retirement facility ultimately creates a domino effect for your residents. Lowering costs brings lower fees so your residents have a better sense of well-being rather than experiencing financial stress they don't need.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about our installation process.

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