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LED Lighting for Multi-Site Upgrades: Helping Your Franchise Thrive

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 Managing multiple business locations is already akin to juggling or spinning plates. Yet, you've managed to do this for a while, despite seeing your energy bills spiking. Those old lighting systems you still use are ultimately the culprit in why you're paying so much.

Perhaps you've ignored this issue for a long time, but now you need to take action. What can you do to get your lighting upgraded in each business location?

This might sound like a major hurdle, though it isn't when you have the right lighting provider. At MultiSite LED, we live up to our business name.

What Kind of Business Franchise Do You Have?

Owning a restaurant franchise or chain of retail stores is usually very rewarding until you see how much money you can lose on your power bill. Considering you've maybe had to expand your hours to stay competitive in each location, that bill is probably painful lately.

We make it easy to take care of this problem by upgrading each of your locations with LED lighting systems. Considering LED's save energy and substantial money, upgrading to these lights is one of the smartest things you can do.

However, the advantage to us setting up new LED fixtures in each business location goes far beyond just saving you money.


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The Advantage to Doing an LED Lighting Roll-Out

Last year, we took on a major challenge: Upgrading nine franchised restaurants to LED lighting. An overall roll-out plan, we did this as part of a remodel of each franchise.

After the project was completed, each restaurant managed to save up to 79% on their lighting bills. Most importantly, though, they managed to upgrade each restaurant to the 21st century after using outdated lighting systems for years.

These franchises were big names like KFC and Taco Bell. It just proves that even the big names can easily fall behind on lighting since it's usually not given top priority. This quickly changes once shown proof of how much each location cumulatively saves.

Using a Conversion Program to Save You More Money

One thing differentiating us from LED lighting competitors is our Lightshare LED program. Using this program allows you to upgrade all your business locations with no money down. The money you pay back later is always less than the savings you'll enjoy, meaning you'll still be able to gain an exponential ROI.

We start this first with a lighting assessment to see if you're still using incandescent or CFL lights. If you are, you're certainly not alone, but it's only out of complacency.

Afterward, we benchmark each location of your business before any deployment takes place. Once we do the installation, you'll have superior utility rebate management and 5-10 year warranties.



Envisioning How Much You Save Before Doing the Upgrade

It's likely challenging for you to initially envision what LED lighting would do for each of your business locations. We understand why this might occur when you already have challenges determining what's occurring in each location without needing thorough metrics.

To ensure your trust, we provide all the pre-analytics you need to see how much you'd save in each business you own. Through our assessment, you'll also be able to envision the cash flow you'd maintain in the process.

All you have to do is fill out our assessment request form so we can get started. When you fill out the online form, you can also request our free audit. Or, you can simply call us at 704-412-4008 to meet with one of our representatives.

Contact us to learn more about how our LED lighting roll-outs work for businesses throughout the country.

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