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LED Lighting for Quick Serve Restaurants That Run Into Night-time Hours

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To keep up with competition, your quick serve restaurant has perhaps had to accommodate more customers by operating late into the night. This might even involve 24-hour service to capture truckers or others who travel into the a.m. hours.

Obviously, to keep up with this trend, you're going to have heftier energy bills. Much of this is the result of the lighting you're using during those nighttime shifts.

Have you thought about how much energy you're wasting using outdated lighting systems?

The Cost of Keeping Your Lights On All Night

More and more restaurants are using LED lighting for the energy savings. Here at MultiSite LED, we've worked on various projects to install this lighting in numerous quick serve restaurant franchises.

All of them discovered a lifetime savings often in the six figures. Before that, though, they were generally using outdated lighting systems like incandescent or fluorescent (CFL) lighting. When running these 24 hours, it's only going to increase energy usage since they aren't very economical. While CFL's are better than incandescent lights, they don't hold a candle to LED energy efficiency.

What makes restaurant owners initially balk on investing in LED's is the initial cost. While it's true incandescent lights cost a fraction of LED's, these business owners don't realize the ROI occurring later after the LED investment.

Quality Lighting in Your Restaurant During the Night

Thanks to LED lighting being directional, you're going to provide better lighting to highlight details. Even if you keep other parts of your restaurant darker in the overnight hours, those coming in want good lighting for menu reading and to enjoy their food.

Good lighting is just as important for your staff during this time of night. It's never easy to work late-night hours, or graveyard shifts. Having quality LED lighting will help them see better while doing their jobs to avoid errors.

Plus, LED lighting helps elevate moods, an important aspect to keep morale up during late-night hours. Not having access to real sunlight could easily cause a sense of depression among workers. LED lighting mimics the feel of real sunlight, making it perfect to keep your employees alert and maintaining a positive attitude.

LED Lighting in Other Parts of Your Restaurant

To keep things running into the night, you'll want to consider using your LED lights in the kitchen area as well to help with food preparation. Maybe some consider quick serve restaurant food simple, yet your brand may require careful attention to details.

LED lights illuminating food prep areas helps your kitchen crew see the results of what they prepare while knowing it meets your branding requirements.

Also, don't forget about LED light use in your restrooms. Without being obvious, it's always important to have customers see what they're doing while in there.

Using LED Lighting Outdoors During the Nighttime Hours

Your parking lot area can turn into a scary place during the night. Without proper lighting, your parking lot could attract crime where thieves think they'll be undetected.

It's all the more reason to use LED lights, something many restaurants now use in their parking lots. This goes for parking garages as well if you have one of those rather than open-space parking.

Either way, LED lighting will make it look like daylight if you use enough of them in your outdoor lighting fixtures. For those coming and going to their vehicles, they'll appreciate this for their own safety.

You're also ensuring they won't have an accident of their own from tripping on a curb or step.

Contact us at MultiSite LED so we can install LED lighting in your QSR franchise this year to take on the challenges of nighttime operation.

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