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LED Lighting for Restaurants: Outdoor Areas

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After operating a restaurant for a while, how much have you focused on the lighting systems inside your building? If you've realized you're not saving any money using outdated incandescent bulbs, maybe you've finally switched to using LED lighting.

Once you switched, how much have you saved on your energy bill? The National Restaurant Association already knows the value of LED lighting for restaurants and notes the latter uses 75% less energy than any other lighting systems available.

So if you already know this for your restaurant's interior, what about using LED lighting on the exterior?

Using LED Lighting in Your Restaurant Parking Lot

Stop and think about how lighting affects your customers when they park in your parking lot after dark. Perhaps you've decided to make your restaurant a 24/7 operation now to accommodate truckers or those who simply eat late.

When you have people arriving in your parking lot during the a.m. hours, safety is obviously important. Using LED lighting there can bring more than just better safety. While LEDs are brighter to help highlight hazards in your parking lot, they can also bring an aesthetic appeal.

Plus, with more robust LED lighting, you can potentially reduce crime if your parking area is overly expansive.

Considering many outdoor facilities now use LEDs (like sports stadiums), it should help you look at where else you can use this lighting outdoors.

Using LEDs in a Parking Garage

Rather than use a wide-open parking lot, maybe you've decided a parking garage can provide more protection for your customer vehicles.

Those of you using these garages can still face many challenges if you don't use proper lighting. Since it's an enclosed space, you're already facing safety risks from customers not being able to see well. Some interior areas of parking garages can become blacked out at night, even if using other types of lighting.

LED's light these areas so it doesn't leave dangerous places for fender benders or someone tripping over a parking curb.

Get rid of those fluorescent bulbs you've likely used in your parking garage to remove all the maintenance costs you've had to endure. 

Using LED Lighting On Your Restaurant's Building

It's time to think about using LEDs directly on the exterior of your restaurant. Placing them over or near your entrance, for instance, provides additional safety, especially if you have an extensive walkway nearby.

During times you want to highlight something near the entrance, you can do so during the day and night. For instance, you may have a display case showcasing breakfast, lunch, or dinner specials. This might become impossible to see in the a.m. hours without LED's, which are perfect for recessed lighting.

Of course, this works well in lighting the sign on your restaurant's building. How many years have you had to constantly replace other types of lights over your sign because they kept burning out after a few months?

In some cases, this can become an embarrassment if one of the lighted letters on your sign goes out, spelling a slightly different word.

Other Uses for LED's Outdoors

For aesthetic purposes, LED's are just as essential for a restaurant like yours. It's possible to use them with different colors and configurations.  You could use them to decorate railings outside your restaurant, or along ramps. LEDs come in wall packs or flood light form to better illuminate your entire building so it stands out if in a remote area.

Also, stop and consider you'll have to do this for multiple locations if you own a restaurant chain.  We can help here at MultiSite LED. Through our LightShare program, we'll install LED lighting in all your restaurant locations while saving you even more money in the process.

Contact us to schedule a free Lighting Energy Audit today to learn how to cut spending, save energy and realize a positive return on investment or to learn more about our methods in multi-site LED lighting installation to make your transition all the easier.

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