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We're living in a world where people want to eat at all hours of the day, sometimes in the a.m. hours. That's probably why you've decided to keep your fast food chain operating either 24/7, or at least for a while past midnight. As a result, your energy bills have probably gone up considerably if you're still using older lighting systems.

After years of using incandescent or fluorescent lighting in your restaurants, you're probably noticing how much of a problem they've become. Going beyond just adding to your energy bill, they're also problematic in constantly needing replacements.

Switching to LED lighting for your fast food chain has proven results to change things for the better.

How Many Fast Food Restaurants Use Outdated Lighting?

Perhaps you've stuck to using old lighting systems out of fear any upgrades would cost more. In truth, you're only going to continue to pay more on your bill if you keep on using older lighting. Many of the bigger fast food chains in America already realize this.

Many of those chains switched to LED lighting systems in recent years. One good incentive is the tax savings they experience for switching. Statistics show the millions of dollars saved in big name restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King as a result of using LED lighting.

Almost all of the corporate fast food chains have done energy saving retrofits to keep operational expenses under control.

Using LED lighting in your own fast food chain can bring more than just general energy bill savings.

led lighting for fast food chains

Reducing Maintenance Replacing Lighting in All Your Stores

No matter how many fast food restaurants you have, keeping your lighting going is important. Considering it can make a big difference in the appearance of your restaurants (and even in how people feel), you want your lighting systems operational at all times.

Using old incandescent or fluorescent lighting, though, means more maintenance time. These lights don't last any more than six months to a year, leaving the potential of burned out lights in all your restaurants.

You likely already know how much time it takes to replace these lights in each restaurant location. No doubt it's impossible to get to all of them within a reasonable time frame, leading to lighting outages that last for weeks.

In some cases, this could lead to embarrassing problems like certain letters in your signage being out long-term, or burned out lights over tables.

led lighting for your fast food chain

What Realistically Happens When Switching to LEDs

While LED lighting does cost more, what you get back in your investment more than pays for itself. Here at MultiSite LED, we've done numerous fast food LED lighting projects that led to exponential savings. One such project brought a 79% savings on lighting operations.

Other projects include doing multisite LED lighting installations for KFC franchises in various states. One such project in a Connecticut and Rhode Island franchise has already brought a lifetime savings of $295,000 thanks to LED lighting use. This included other similar fast food franchises like Burger King.

Beyond this, the safety aspects to using LED lighting go beyond the energy savings. When operating into the a.m. hours, you want to use LED lights outdoors as well to keep precarious areas safer for your customers. Plus, LED's are known for being a great crime deterrent in parking lots.

led lighting for your fast food chain

Getting Your LED Lighting Project Done on Time

You need an LED lighting source that can work fast to get all your fast food restaurants upgraded to LED lighting as soon as possible. For aesthetic purposes, it's essential, but also since the savings potential starts immediately. LED lighting for your fast food chain will instantly give you cost savings and reduced maintenance work.

Here at MultiSite LED, we're available to install LEDs in all your restaurants through our LightShare program with no money down. Contact us to learn more about our program and what LED lighting can do to help your fast food franchise thrive.

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