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LED Lighting in Office Buildings - Save Money & Improve Productivity

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led lighting in office buildings

Operating multiple offices (perhaps across state lines) is often challenging to balance when you have everything from managing employees to maintenance to worry about. One thing you're maybe overlooking in your offices is proper lighting. Have you thought about how it's creating a more productive work environment?

Using outdated lighting like fluorescent lights or CFL's could affect productivity more than you think. Switching to LED's would fix many of these problems. Yet, how do you go about it when you have multiple office locations?

How Lighting Affects Office Moods

Working in an office can easily become an isolated experience, which can also cause depression. You don't want this with your employees if you need them to stay inspired in their work.

LED lights are scientifically proven to help improve moods, something seen demonstrated in restaurants that use LED lighting.

An office might seem like a polar opposite to a restaurant, but consider many restaurant employees have to stay indoors (like kitchen areas) for long hours. Office cubicles often have the same type of atmosphere, making it all the more important to consider how effective the lighting is.

Saving Money With LED Lighting

While your offices may not operate 24 hours like some restaurants or stores do, some of your employees may have to work overtime on occasion. Plus, with maintenance crews working in the a.m. hours, your lights might stay on all night after all.

Facts have proven that LED lights save businesses up to 80% on their energy bills. Considering your office budgets are probably tight every year, there isn't a better move than finding lighting that cuts down on energy usage. The extra money you save on your energy bill can go into investing toward office upgrades, including new office equipment.

To feel more inspired, take a look at the lifetime savings many outside businesses enjoy thanks to using LED's. Our projects page here at MultiSite LED will show you lifetime savings are frequently in the six figures.

Helping Employees See Better While Working

One thing other businesses continue learning is good lighting helps people see better so they can either better view a product or enjoy the surroundings. In your offices, you'll want your employees to have good lighting so they can see details while they work.

Even if you don't think of office tasks as being exacting, many of them are and can often lead to mistakes without lighting capable of bringing out details. What's so great about LED lights is they're directional compared to other lighting.

Having a directional light overhead is going to help immensely in highlighting specific items on a desk.

Within cubicles, this is essential, but also any department in an office setting. Receptionist desks and secretary desks will also thrive with LED lighting to help with paperwork. Plus, with LED's burning cooler than other types of lights, it won't create intense heat in the office, something to take seriously during heatwaves.

Making Your Office Attractive to Visitors

Maybe your offices are designed to have people visit once in a while, including customers. You may give tours of your office to students to show them how your particular industry operates. Or, customers may come in occasionally to make a payment and deal with documentation.

Thanks to LED lights being available in different configurations (including colored and with dimming effects), you can make your office look aesthetically pleasing in various ways.

Creating an appealing atmosphere will also help attract new hires or interns if needing either one during the year.

So where can you turn to acquire LED lights for your offices? At MultiSite LED, we have a LightShare Program designed to install your lights in multiple locations without you paying anything in advance.

Contact us to find out more about how LED's can help offices like yours and save exponential money.