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LED Lighting in Offices: Use in Multiple Departments

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Operating an office can become as complex as running an entire corporation when you consider how many departments there usually are. You may manage an office for a company where you self-contain multiple departments in one building.

Being responsible for this is going to mean keeping budgets under control, something proving impossible if you leave lights on late into the night. You may have many employees who work late, including floors in the building having lights on all night (for janitors).

If this is the case, what kind of lights are you using? It's time to switch to LEDs if you haven't already.

Typical Lights Used in Office Buildings

According to energy statistics, lighting makes up a good bulk of energy costs in large office structures. This comes to an average of 20 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year.

Now you can see why your energy bills are probably going up. It's especially the case if you're still using outdated lighting systems like incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Far too many offices still use these lights, especially fluorescent types. Older office buildings often use these only because the bright light quality is usually attractive.

The problem is that they burn more energy and don't last very long when on for multiple hours.

What LEDs Do to Lower Your Energy Bills

One thing to know before you get started with LED lights is they save up to 50%-80% on your energy bill in your first month of use. They also last up to 17 years if you use them for only eight hours a day.

Plus, you get two times the light output, which is great for your office employees who depend on quality lighting to do their work. LED's are more directional as another benefit, giving the ability to illuminate parts of an office space when working on important projects.

Considering you'll be able to start seeing your energy bill lower in just weeks, imagine what your office could do with the money you save. Many offices using LED's save up to multiple thousands per year, allowing enough money for use in upgrades or buying new equipment.

Office Departments Where You Can Use LED's

Using LED lighting systems in cubicles is a good idea to keep your employees more productive. These lights could even help improve their moods since LED's are known for eliminating depressive feelings. Many studies prove this when LED's become used in retirement homes.

In the office, any drab cubicle surroundings can literally change in appearance thanks to LED lighting.

It doesn't stop there, though. You should use LED's in other parts of your office, including the restrooms. Placing LED's in stalls or over mirrors enable your employees to better see what they're doing (while also making them look better in the mirror).

Installing LED's inside your building's elevator can reduce anxiety in the event the elevator ever breaks down.

Don't forget about using LED's in your parking lot as well. Those of you using parking garages will find a lot of important uses for LED lighting when employees work into the late-night hours.

Finding the Time for LED Installation

An office is slightly different from a franchise, yet can potentially face the same issues when wanting to install LED lighting. While many franchises now find LED lighting beneficial in multiple locations, finding the right installation times is sometimes challenging.

With your office perhaps having multiple floors and departments (or even locations), where can you turn to ensure a quick LED installation without interrupting workflow?

At MultiSite LED, we've become a leader in helping companies with multiple locations or big buildings be able to install LED lighting efficiently.

Contact us to learn about our LightShare program where we'll install LED lighting in all your office departments for no money down.