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How Long Will LED Lighting Last in Your Shopping Centers?

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After years of using incandescent or CFL lighting in your shopping centers, how many times have you had to change those lights? If you haven't talked with your maintenance crew in a while, they may have a lot of hidden feelings about having to change those lights so often.

You've maybe even seen a few accidents due to workers climbing up to precarious areas in your shopping centers for light replacements.

Switching to LED lights will make a big difference, especially when you see how long they'll last in every location.

The Growing Use of LED Lights in Shopping Malls

Before you switch to LED's, you'll want to know how much money you're potentially losing sticking with older types of lighting.

No doubt when you started your shopping mall franchise, you were using incandescent lights. Did you know these cost well over $362 after 50,000 hours of use? There isn't any doubt you noticed this on all your energy bills, perhaps putting a big dent in your mall profits for a while.

Afterward, you might have moved on to CFL's. These became more prominent about a decade ago because they were affordable and lasted longer. Most brick-and-mortar malls started using CFL's (or fluorescent lights) for these reasons, even if business owners realized LED's are better.

Since those days, LED lights have become more affordable. They would have become mainstream in all malls sooner had the cost been more reasonable. With discounts available through LED installation services now, you'll be able to save even more money.

How Long Will LED's Truly Last in Your Shopping Malls?

Considering you may have several shopping malls within the same city, in different cities, or across states lines, you'll want your lighting to last as long as possible. Also, consider you're catering to multiple stores within your mall who also need reliable lighting.

Did you know LED's generally last up to seven years with heavier usage? They can last beyond a decade if you use them more conservatively. Because you no doubt shut down at night, it gives a better chance of your LED lights lasting for ten years or more.

Imagine how much time this is going to save your maintenance crew, including causing fewer problems for stores in your malls.

Preventing Accidents

The lights you do use in your shopping malls are probably installed high up so they're not overly noticeable. As mentioned above, this could pose a major hazard for maintenance crews who need to change those often.

More so, some of your store tenants might decide to change lights in their stores without requesting maintenance. They could ultimately fall off a ladder or lose their balance, leading to major injury and lawsuits.

You may even have a variety store in one of your malls where burned out lights pose big problems on an aesthetic level. With maintenance crews overwhelmed with other jobs, it could leave some parts of your mall without decent lighting for weeks before replacement takes place.

Having LED's last for a decade likely means only having to replace them once or twice in any maintenance worker's career.

Getting LED's Installed in All Your Mall Locations

It might sound daunting to make a lighting change now when you're overwhelmed with other tasks to keep your shopping malls operating optimally.

At MultiSite LED, we've developed a LightShare Program that allows for multi-location installation with no money down. We'll work closely with your schedule so you can get LED lights installed without it disrupting the flow of business.

Contact us to learn more about the operation life of LED lights. We do a full assessment first so you'll know exactly how much you'll save and how long those lights are going to last.

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