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LED Lighting in Your Quick Serve Restaurant: Four Uses You Maybe Didn't Consider

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It's easy to become complacent about how important lighting is in a quick serve restaurant like yours. If you've used the same lighting for years, you may think you can keep this going without consequences.

Those of you paying careful attention to your energy bill probably noticed you're not saving as much as you thought you were. Even if you switched to CFL lighting to save money, they're no contest compared to LED lighting systems.

How can you use LED lighting in new ways within your restaurant? Take a look at four areas where you can use them to improve everything from temperature to aesthetics.

1. Using LED's in Open Dining Areas or Booths

No matter what your seating arrangement is in your restaurant, you'll likely have open seating areas, and booths. What kind of lighting do you use there now?

If you're still using incandescent or CFL products, you're using non-directional light. Without more directional light, it's going to make reading menus more difficult. Plus, it makes it more challenging to highlight details of your food.

Part of your branding is perhaps to make your food look more appealing at the table (or in display areas).

Whether at an open table or in a booth, your customers want good lighting to see what they're doing and enjoy the look of your food.

2. LED Lighting Over Display Cases

Your quick serve restaurant may have display cases to showcase fresh food customers can grab without waiting. Some restaurants like yours use these and conveyor belts to offer truly fast food.

As a form of creating a unique ambiance in your restaurant, using LED lighting over displays cases will make your food all the more popular.

Keep in mind LED lighting can help with photos of your food as well. Thanks to the directional quality of these lights, it's a perfect lighting setup to showcase details. Displaying these photos in your restaurant in full color will make your menu become more popular.

3. LED Lighting in Your Kitchen

Don't focus all attention on how lighting works for your customers. You need to think about how lighting affects your employees, especially your waitstaff and food preparers.

Using LED lighting in the kitchen area works for more than improving visibility. Because LED lights have reduced heat load, it'll help your kitchen staff work in cooler conditions during the summer. The last thing you want is having your chefs having to work in an overly hot kitchen due to the heat factor of lights.

More so, LED's last for years so you don't have to worry about replacing them every once or twice a year. No doubt you've had to disrupt your kitchen crew more than once to reinstall outdated incandescent or fluorescent lighting systems.

4. Outdoor Use of Your LED Lighting

We've written many times about how important LED lighting is for parking lots in commercial businesses. Installing LED lights in all your outdoor lighting fixtures will save you more money in your energy bills, plus bring a safer environment.

Depending on where your restaurant locations are, you may have to use your LED lights into the early evening hours during the winter. Or, because you may operate all night now, these lights will definitely mimic the feel of daylight.

Strategically placing your LED lighting systems over parking spaces that are notoriously dark will prevent any chance of a lawsuit from someone tripping and falling. As a crime deterrent, it's also an effective method for late-night diners.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn about our LightShare program that efficiently installs LED lights in your quick serve restaurant for no money down. We'll do an initial analysis that determines the best places in your restaurant to install.

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