LED Lighting

LED Lighting Commercial Applications: Use in Your Variety Store

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Variety stores are still a common sight in America, offering a retail store with numerous inexpensive household goods. It's a business opportunity you've perhaps invested in as a franchise. However, how profitable has it been if you haven't paid attention to your energy bill?

If you've noticed you're paying more for your lighting bill, you're probably not focusing enough on what kind of lighting you're using.

Don't become complacent to using outdated lighting systems in your store's interior, or in the parking lot. LED lighting systems help you change more than how much you pay in energy costs.

Making Your Products Look More Appealing

The greatest aspect to LED lighting beyond saving you up to as much as 80% on your energy bill is the ability for them to bring out details and color. Because LED lights are more directional, you can aim them directly on specific products. Their color-rending abilities help make colors of certain products stand out compared to other lights offering more diffuse lighting.

Maybe you used halogen lights for more directional lights in the past. These are far from energy efficient and burn out fast if you leave them on for long hours every day.

LED's have expanded to a point where you can get them in virtually any lighting style. This means you can easily use LED's to showcase your most popular variety store products.

Bringing More Safety Inside and Outside the Store

If you're planning on using LED lights inside your variety store, take some time to think about how you can also use them for customer parking. Many stores and restaurants now use LED's in their parking lots to provide appeal and bring more safety.

Since your variety store may stay open late now, it's going to mean customers having to park in dark areas of your lot. With dim lighting, they could easily trip on a curb or end up being a victim of a crime.

As many legal sites point out, a customer being attacked in your parking lot could lead to serious litigation. In most of these cases, it all depended on how foreseeable the crime was.

Using poor lighting would certainly become compelling evidence, proving you shouldn't ignore parking lot lighting as a top priority.

Preventing Extensive Maintenance

Evidence shows LED lighting systems used for only eight hours a day could last up to 17 years. Imagine waiting that long just to send out a maintenance crew to replace your lighting.

Basically, LED lights could almost last you for the life of your variety store. When your maintenance crew is already busy enough with other duties, they'll appreciate not having to change lights on a constant basis.

If they become overly busy, changing lights could also mean a long wait. When managing multiple variety stores as part of your franchise, this could pose a big problem. Having multiple burned out lights in your stores and their respective parking lots could end up affecting how people feel about your business.

It just looks unprofessional to have burned out lights for long periods of time. Rather than send your maintenance crews out to replace those lights with the same old thing, you'll want reliable experts on multi-site LED light installations.

Finding an Expert LED Lighting Team

At MultiSite LED, we've become a leader in providing multiple location LED lighting conversions for several industries. Take a look at many of our projects we've already done for many who upgraded to LED lights.

The above should give you ample evidence to see how LED lights would work for your variety store franchise. We're available to make sure installation is done at the most convenient time so it doesn't disrupt customers.

Contact us to learn about our LightShare program and how you can enjoy our LED lighting installations with no money down.