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LED Lighting Inside and Outside a Manufacturing Facility

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The entire country depends on the manufacturing sector to not make any mistakes and pass all quality assurances. As someone who manages a manufacturing facility, you may not realize the impact lighting has on production quality.

Without good lighting, those who still do manual tasks can easily make mistakes. Even if you use automation in some departments, lighting still plays a big factor in your energy bills and in those who inspect the machines.

Lighting even goes into the realm of moods and how your manual labor employees feel. LED lighting systems help many of these aspects.

How Much Energy Are You Wasting on Old Lighting Systems?

Did you know the manufacturing sector makes up 1.4% of the nation's electricity consumption? Several years ago, this came to 55 billion kWh in a year.

This is a lot of energy consumed, and a good chunk of this likely comes from the lighting you're using. The question is, have you thought about the lighting you're using all these years? It's easy to become complacent to using old fluorescent lighting, the most typical lighting system used in manufacturing.

These lights go back decades, creating a habit of using the same lighting products over and over.

Switching to LED's gives you the capability to start saving 50%-80% immediately on your energy bill.

Bringing Safety to Your Manufacturing Facility

The safety aspect to switching to LED's needs more emphasis to see the scientific reasons. First of all, LED's are more directional in their lighting compared to CFL lights. You'll be able to aim the lighting directly onto your machinery or worktables.

Other lighting systems disperse light, even if it seems they're brighter. So in the aspect of safety, LED's are better for lighting specific areas of your warehouse to avoid tripping or other accidents.

When you need to carefully follow OSHA guidelines, LED's give you more efficient ways to reduce any potential employee injuries.

Don't forget, this also works outside your facility. Many businesses (like restaurants) use LED's in parking lots now to deter crime. Since some of your manufacturers may work into nighttime hours, you'll want to take their safety seriously when they leave.

How LED's Can Make Your Manufacturing Employees Feel

The psychological aspects to LED lighting are quite interesting. Retirement homes now use LED lighting because it helps in eliminating depression. You don't have to limit how this works to just those over retirement age.

Your manufacturing plant can probably look overly drab on some days, especially during the winter when natural light is limited. LED lights help elevate moods to aid in making your workers feel better when working long hours.

On a productivity level, this is important when you have tight deadlines, despite automation tools available.

Cutting Down on Maintenance

Even if you've switched to automated devices in your manufacturing facility, you still have to call a maintenance worker in to replace burned out lights.

Some of your maintenance crew might become too busy to take time to replace your lights immediately. As a result, you'll have burned out lights in some parts of your manufacturing facility for weeks longer than intended. You simply play risk this way with potential injuries.

What's important is to seek out an LED company that can transition you over to LED lighting without being a burden. In cases where you need this installation done in multiple warehouse locations, it's not impossible to do.

Convenient Installation

At MultiSite LED, we're a leader in bringing LED lighting installations in multiple locations for virtually any industry. We can get LED's installed easily in your manufacturing warehouse without disrupting your schedule.

Our LightShare program gives you a lighting analysis first, followed by an installation plan best fitting your budget and time.

Contact us to learn more about our program, requiring no money down. It's time to change the lighting quality of your manufacturing facility forever. Checkout the e-book below to see the impact LED lighting has made on the quick serve restaurant industry.

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