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led lighting kitchen

If you've finally realized your restaurant needs a lighting upgrade to attract more customers, you're maybe overlooking one other thing. What about how quality lighting makes the jobs of your employees easier?

While your wait staff already has enough stress, your kitchen staff likely has it even tougher. You'll be surprised at how much lighting could affect their job and how well they function in the kitchen area.

Switching from incandescent or CFL lighting to LED lighting will help your kitchen staff function better in numerous ways.

The Energy Savings Having LED's in Your Kitchen

Evidence is already available showing how much you can save on your energy bill using LED's. Did you know you can save up to 80% on your energy bill, plus enjoy LED's lasting for years compared to fluorescent tubes?

Installing LED's in your kitchen is important because you'll be burning plenty of energy in there. Consider how many hours those lights are going to run if your restaurant has become a 24/7 operation.

The lights used over food preparation areas are already going to add a considerable amount to your energy bill if still on a CFL crutch. Despite maybe switching to CFL's a few years ago in the thought they'd be more economical, LED lights have superseded them exponentially in capability.

More affordable pricing has a lot to do with LED's becoming increasingly popular now for 24/7 restaurants as well as those with fewer hours open.

Using Directional Lighting in Specific Areas of Your Kitchen

Another great aspect to LED lighting is it creates directional light compared to other lighting systems. In a kitchen, this is going to become invaluable in various ways. First, it brings more safety to food preparation, especially when cutting food with sharp knives and other utensils.

Also, with details in your food likely being an important part of your branding, you want your food preparers to see well.

Other accidents are preventable as well, including for your maintenance crew who have to change your lights. The longer-lasting aspect of LED's in your restaurant kitchen helps maintenance workers easily install them for precise placement at closer range. They won't have to climb up on a ladder in a precarious place to replace them someday.

Even other kitchen staff like dish washers and cooking assistants will have better lighting with LED's to help improve their jobs. Highlighting details will help your kitchen crew easier scope out mistakes.

Reducing Heat from Lights

Those of you who've stuck with using CFL lights know how hot they can run. After being on all day and night, these can become miserable in a kitchen area, especially if you don't use A/C. During summer heatwaves, the last thing you want is making your kitchen crew have to work in overly hot conditions.

LED lights burn cooler, making it more pleasant for your food preparers and other kitchen crew to work when it's warm. Thanks to LED's dissipating heat, they ultimately last longer as a result.

No matter who happens to work in your kitchen, they're going to appreciate you taking time to improve what they do. Making your restaurant crew feel comfortable should become a top priority to avoid having constant turnover.

How Can You Get LED Lighting Installed in All Your Restaurant Kitchens?

Your quick-serve restaurant perhaps isn't the only one you own. If you have a franchise, it's going to mean finding a convenient way to install LED lighting in all your restaurants without disrupting business.

You can accomplish this through our LightShare Program here at MultiSite LED. We make it easy by letting us handle your LED installations with no money down.

Our crew works on your schedule so we can install LED's in your kitchens without getting in the way of your employees.

Contact us to learn more about the program we offer and how LED lighting is already changing restaurants for the better.