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Quick Serve Restaurant LED Lighting to Elevate Moods

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When you opened your quick serve restaurant, no doubt you intended to create a fun atmosphere as most in this business category do. However, no matter what kind of menu you have or party-like vibe you create, none of it may work with poor lighting.

If you're like some restaurants around a while, you're maybe still using outdated incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Using this old lighting does more to ruin customer mood than you may know.

Take a look at why LED lighting can elevate moods in your restaurant for everyone.

Why Are Incandescent and Fluorescent Lights Outdated?

You're not going to save money by continuing to use incandescent or fluorescent lights. While the latter are a little more economical than incandescent lights, neither one saves you as much money as LED lights do. 

It's possible to save between 50%-80% on your energy bill switching to LED's. Even more telling, though, is both of the above lighting systems disperse light, unlike their LED counterparts.

The science behind this shows LED's use directional light as a way to bring change to emotions of people in a room. This is why many retirement centers now use LED's to help eliminate feelings of depression.

The Science Behind LED's and Creating a Better Mood

There isn't a doubt that lighting not only affects visual conditions, but also has an effect on our biological functions and emotions. Inc. once reported on this and how using certain lighting in office environments usually leads to workers feeling more tired or irritable.

These same situations could occur in your quick serve restaurant, despite the fun surroundings you've created. No amount of games, music, or party menu items will make up for how someone feels sitting in a dimly-lit booth.

If placing LED lights over your tables, you'll not only bring better lighting to highlight details of your food (and menu), you'll help your staff as well.

Using LED Lights for Your Restaurant Crew

Obviously, you want your customers to feel energized when they visit your quick serve restaurant. You also want the same with your restaurant staff.

Using smart design in your restaurant is a major part of this, and LED lighting should become top priority.

Focusing on LED lights to help your restaurant's staff will help make their jobs easier during the day. Your wait staff, for instance, should have good lighting so they don't trip while serving food. LED lights will also keep them in a better mood since they'll have to work with stress for long hours.

Your kitchen crew will need the same type of lighting to keep their moods up. Directional LED lighting will already help them in preparing food. To keep things going, LED lighting will also help them maintain their energy and enthusiasm for creating the best possible food.

Enhancing Moods With Outdoor Lighting

Keep in mind LED lighting outside your restaurant matters just as much. Considering this area of your restaurant is where people form their initial impressions, you want to focus on creating good feelings outdoors.

Your parking lot is where it all starts, of course. More and more restaurants now use LED lighting in parking lots for safety alone. However, if you have a restaurant open into the night, LED lights will cut energy bills by 40% while simulating daylight.

Truckers and others who travel in the night might already feel down without gaining much exposure to the sun. LED's in your parking areas will help them feel better even before they enter your doors.

Contact us at MultiSite LED so we can help install LED lighting in all your QSR franchises with no money down.

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