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How LED Lights Can Update Your Older Fast Food Franchise

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We all know the popularity of fast food never goes away. Even if your own franchise is moderately successful, have you thought about how much lighting could affect what customers think of you?

This might sound strange, including if you do half your business in the drive-thru lane. However, even there, lighting can make a big difference in what people buy and their overall perceptions.

Using outdated lighting could become more than a detriment to your fast food restaurant franchise beyond making your energy bill higher.

The Era of Incandescent Lighting Systems

If you have a fast-food franchise that's been in your family for a couple of generations, then you may remember when your place of business used incandescent lights. These go back to the earliest days of lighting with origins to the early 1800s, though perfected by Thomas Edison in the late 1800s.

Incandescents ultimately became the standard type of lighting up until a decade ago when CFL's started to become a big deal. Many fast food franchises started switching to CFL's (or fluorescent tubes) because of they cost less and lasted longer. They were also considered energy-efficient, despite LED's being well-known for better performance.

The problem was that LED's cost more back then. Within the last ten years, the price of LED's dropped considerably to a point of real affordability. Now you can buy them without breaking the bank. When you find a reliable LED lighting service to provide them for you, it's possible to get an even further discount.

Modernizing Your Fast-Food Restaurant

Many of the fast-food LED lighting projects we've worked on helped upgrade restaurant interiors, and their outdoor areas. All of these projects helped bring lifetime savings well into the six figures.

At the same time, adding LED's helped bring them into the 21st century by adding a green initiative, plus changing their overall aesthetics.

One great thing about LED lights is their directional quality to help modernize restaurants. Having more directional light is going to brighten the atmosphere in your own fast-food business. For elevating moods, this means bringing a more fun environment rather than accepting duller lighting from incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Since you can buy different styles of LED lights, you can also do a lot of creative design for a sense of branding.

Finding the Right Type of LED Lighting to Update Your Interior

Everything from miniature LED lights to bi-color and tri-color LED's are available to install in various areas of your fast-food restaurant.

Using colored LED's adds to the specialized look of your business, often in subtle ways. By mixing colors, you can create a unique appearance that caters to younger demographics you're trying to attract.

By using a dimmer on your LED's, you'll add even more special effects for special occasions. Mixing up the look and feel of your restaurant may attract more Millennials, a demographic you may need to truly update your reputation.

Modernizing the Outside Areas of Your Restaurant

The duller lighting you've used in your parking lot probably bothered some of your regular patrons, and maybe turned away new ones.

Having a well-lit parking lot should become a major part of updating things, especially if you're starting to cater to late-night crowds. No one wants to park and walk through a dark parking lot. Not only could it cause accidents, it could also bring more crime.

Also, look at the areas around your drive-thru window. Do you have bright enough lighting for the outdoor menu? What about around the window where customers pay and pick up their orders?

At MultiSite LED, we'll help you modernize your fast-food restaurant franchise through our LightShare Program. You won't have to place any money down to get an install done in all locations.

Contact us to learn more about how LED lights work to modernize eating establishments like yours.

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