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led lights for  business

Making the case for LED lighting vs. incandescent, CFL, and halogen lighting alternatives isn't very difficult, yet this doesn't automatically mean business owners can see a viable way to fully convert their businesses to this preferable lighting source. This is especially true when business owners run multi-site locations in different regions or states.

The good news is over the years there have been innovative advancements in the production of LED lighting (making them cheaper and more versatile), as well as advancements in mobile field service workforces and LED lighting services.

Lighting as a service (Laas) is an example of the type of options modern business owners have available when it comes to optimizing their lighting and energy use. In an effort to explain, let's discuss why multi-site LED lighting conversions are a viable option for businesses.

Discounts, incentives, rebates, and financing

Saving energy is something everyone is on board with, including local power companies and the government. This is good news for business owners looking to convert their businesses over to LED lighting. The main obstacle here is for owners to organize and manage the specific details for each business location.

What business owners need is an LED lighting service that can manage the details when it comes to cashing in on the rebates, incentives, and discounts offered by each local power company and government. When these variables can be managed by an LED lighting service, converting multi-site locations becomes that much more viable for owners.

Business owners managing multi-site locations will also benefit from being able to finance their LED conversion with no money down. This makes fully converting a multi-site business a viable option for any owner. Additionally, by using a lighting service that specializes in multi-site LED lighting conversions, businesses will gain additional discounts from direct bulk orders.

LED monthly cost savings helps pay for monthly payments

Businesses with multiple locations will inevitably have aggregate energy bills amounting to thousands of dollars per month, if not tens of thousands. Considering lighting makes up around 11% of the total energy consumption for the commercial sector (EIA stats), and LED lighting is the most energy efficient and longest lasting energy source, businesses can realize significant savings by converting to LED lighting.

Essentially, businesses can use the money saved on their energy bills to pay towards the monthly payments of their financed LED lighting multi-site conversions. Considering LED lighting last much longer and requires much less maintenance than other lighting alternatives, businesses can put their maintenance and replacement savings towards their monthly payments as well.

Nationwide mobile-enabled field service workforce delivers a smooth transition

In addition to LED lighting becoming more affordable, innovations in mobile technology have enabled field service workforces to efficiently and effectively manage and execute multi-site LED lighting conversions. This means fully converting multi-site locations has become that much more viable of an option for business owners.

Using mobile technology, field service workforces can communicate and coordinate multi-site LED lighting conversions in real time; this enables lighting services to quickly and smoothly convert multiple locations without delays and surprises.


Owners with multiple business locations don't have to wait any longer to realize the many benefits of LED lighting.

With the cost of LED lighting now more affordable, discounts/rebates/incentives being offered by local power companies and the government, 100% no money down financing options available, and mobile-enabled workforces at hand to manage and execute conversions, making the switch to LED lighting is a more viable option for multi-site businesses than ever before.

MultiSite LED offers multi-site businesses a viable option to fully convert their lighting solutions to the preferable LED technology. With our help, the initial high costs and burdens of coordinating multi-site LED lighting conversions no longer have to be hindering obstacles. If interested in learning more please contact us today.