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LED Lights to Replace Fluorescent Tubes in Commercial Businesses

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The age of using fluorescent lighting in commercial businesses is quickly becoming an archaic practice. If this declaration sounds strange to you after using fluorescent tubes in your business for decades, you'll change your mind when you see the costs.

Statistics show the cost of operating fluorescent lighting often goes up a little more than if using LED lighting. Nevertheless, CFL's are considerably more efficient than outdated incandescent lights.

Take a look at why LED lights are replacing fluorescent tubes now in all commercial locations.

How Long Do LED's Last Compared to Fluorescent Tubes?

A CFL will definitely last longer than incandescent lighting systems. The average lifespan of an incandescent light is only 1,200 hours compared to 8,000 hours for CFL's. Nevertheless, you'd still have to replace your CFL's three times per year, depending on usage.

In comparison, LED's last 11,000 hours as a realistic length, despite depending on how long you use them. Since many commercial businesses (like restaurants) are starting to operate 24/7, length is going to vary.

Even so, the above amount of hours towers over what fluorescent tubes give you.

Total Operational Cost

CFL lighting systems aren't too far away from the savings you get using LED's. However, it's far away enough where using LED's is always a better choice.

Using LED's in your commercial business is going to give you a guarantee savings of between 50-80% on your next energy bill. This occurs in the first month, proving the kind of ROI you'll receive installing LED's.

To show you the comparison, the cumulative cost of the life of a CFL after 10 years is $52.31. LED's cost $31 after a decade.

Cutting Down on Maintenance Time

Since you have to change fluorescent tubes three times per year, imagine how much this is going to affect your maintenance. Your commercial business may have a maintenance crew on the payroll, though how often are they available to change your lighting systems?

Your CFL's could burn out more than three times a year when you consider how many of them you're using in a restaurant or for retail. Not being able to keep up with how many go out in a year could leave numerous precarious areas around your business literally in the dark.

In parking lots, for instance (including parking garages), a burned out CFL could cause someone to trip or even become a victim of crime.

Besides, you may want someone professional to install LED lighting in your parking garage or lot. Your maintenance workers may not have enough experience installing these properly to a point where they could get hurt.

Using LED's for Aesthetic Purposes

Another liability with CFL's is they aren't directional like LED's. For years, you've probably wondered how you can make your products look more attractive while still using fluorescent tubes.

LED's are completely directional so you bring brighter light and showcase more product detail when introducing something new.

On an aesthetic level, LED's simply make more sense. Also, they alter moods, something backed up by science. A customer's sense of perception is all the more important when you have multiple new products on display.

Finding an LED Provider for a Transition

After decades of using fluorescent lighting, where can you go to make a smooth transition from those to LED's?

Here at MultiSite LED, we'll help make the installation process easier, especially if you own a franchise. Installing LED's in multiple locations can always become a challenge without expert analysis and installers.

Through our LightShare program, we'll accomplish this with no money down.

Contact us to learn more about how our program works.

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