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4 Advantages of LED Parking Garage Lighting

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led garage lights

If you are managing a facility with a parking garage that serves customers, employees or both, you already know that keeping everyone safe has to be a priority. If your parking garage lighting and fixtures are outdated, inefficient or otherwise low-quality, you are putting others at risk along with your revenue. Switching to LED lighting can help. Here is a look at how:

1. Less Energy Used for Lighting

Your garage parking lights might be on for as long as 12 hours each day depending on the time of year. Also, outdoor lighting requires high wattage, high lumen lights and those can quickly become extremely expensive.

The lumens that your lighting solution provides per watt is the most crucial factor when it comes to choosing the most cost-effective lighting option. Because LEDs use a semiconductor instead of a consumable fuel source, they produce lumen per watt when compared to other types of lighting.

Typical HID lamps have wattages that start at 70 watts, and that can go as high as 400 watts. Comparable LED lighting solutions start at about 24 watts and go up to about 82 watts. If you are switching to LED lighting from other options like HID or MH lights, you can expect to see your costs go down by 60 percent or more.

2. People and Assets Are Protected

If your parking garage has been the location of a crime, you may want to consider whether your lighting might be a part of the problem. Lights that do a better job of illuminating your parking garage can make the location less attractive to criminals since it allows people to see more and security cameras to capture more information.

In addition to deterring criminals, LED lighting and improved visibility it provides may reduce slip and fall accidents by illuminating uneven surfaces and curbs along with other problems that might cause someone to trip. Crime along with injuries from accidents can result in lawsuits where a property owner may be required to pay damages.

3. Improved Visual Appeal

When customers visit your parking garage and find it too gloomy, they might leave with a poor impression of the property. Lighting with LEDs will not only provide you with brighter lights, but it will also render color better when compared to other lighting technologies.

Superior color rendering can be beneficial for both drivers and pedestrians. Color rendering is especially important for security cameras to be able to provide clear images. When installed properly, LED lighting will not vary as much as other types of lights such as HID lights, which are known for their bright spots right under the lights.

Ensuring that the lighting in your parking garage is even will improve how it looks. Note also that the buzzing and flickering that you will see from other types of lighting like MH and HPS light will not occur with LEDs. In addition to that, the lumen depreciation is slower with LEDs. You will not have to take additional steps to compensate for the decreasing output of your lighting solutions.

4. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Arguably, the most significant benefit of LEDs is the fact that their lifespan is significantly longer than other light sources. Furthermore, the way that they function over the course of their functional life is also different from other light sources.

You can expect LED lights to last more than three times longer than MH and HPS lights. This means that you save money both on the cost of the bulbs and on the work to replace them.

If you want to learn more about how retrofitting your parking garage with LED lights can save you money and improve its safety and aesthetics, contact us at Multisite LED for a consultation.