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Is an LED Retrofit Right for Your Multi Location Organization in 2019?

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When a business expands to new locations, you can't always control everything about the facilities. In most cases, you lease or buy the most suitable building available and then adapt it to your needs. While many businesses move around the furniture and move in their own equipment, few do anything about the light fixtures. After all, what does it matter as long as the lights turn on, right?

Of course, over time multi-site businesses learn differently. The quality and variety of your light fixtures can matter a surprising amount when it comes to multi-location business management.

You may have already noticed a few hurdles that could be eliminated by doing a complete refit of your light fixtures across all business sites. And if you're reading this blog, you're likely wondering if this upgrade will be an advantageous move.

Let's take a look at the most critical deciding factors in whether an LED retrofit is the right choice for your multi-location business in 2019.

It is Hard to Stock Replacement Bulbs

One of the biggest hassles for buying up a variety of buildings is keeping them all supplied. Ideally, your locations can share identical stock order forms for everything from office supplies to vending machine refills. But differing fixtures makes this much more difficult. Bathrooms are a notorious problem, as soap canisters and TP rolls bought for one location don't fit another.

Light bulbs can be equally frustrating. You can't easily stock up a handy supply of bulbs for your locations when each one uses three different types of fixture and bulb. Instead, you wind up hunting down obscure industrial bulbs and ordering a few at a time. Then eventually a facility will run out of a bulb type and the cycle starts over.

If this sounds familiar, a unified LED retrofit can safe you headaches by making sure every single fixture takes the same size, shape, and type of LED bulb.

Replacing Light Bulbs Can be Difficult or Dangerous

Dangerous light fixtures is a particular problem with older buildings where fixtures might be many decades old. Not only will finding replacement bulbs be a pain, but it can be incredibly hazardous to get someone up on a ladder making the switch. Even experienced maintenance teams can get hurt dealing with ancient, possibly even corroded fixtures. 

If any of your fixtures are not guarantee-ably safe to work with, and especially if they show signs of rust or corrosion, a retrofit is a matter of necessary safety.

Every Location Uses Different Fixtures

Sometimes, your multi-location variety of fixtures is small. Many business owners make it work when most buildings have a common fixture, but perhaps one facility has unusual bulbs that can be stocked on-site.

However, things get more complicated when every facility has a different type of fixture. If there is no way for you to buy light bulbs in bulk and dispense them as maintenance supplies to locations, then you're not in a great economic spot.

A refit to identical LED fixtures can seriously simplify your maintenance supply chain. If every site uses a different fixture, a retrofit is much more likely to be beneficial for your business overhead and can completely remove the hassle off your plate.

You Want to Eliminate or Reduce Maintenance Labor Expenses

The older a light fixture is, the more likely it is to need regular maintenance. This is due to a combination of two factors. First, old light fixtures built with old technology which is not as advanced or efficient as what we can make today.

And second, of course, is the natural progression of time. Over the years, a light fixture will become worn out. The metal parts may rust, the wires get old. And you will see more problems with flickering and failure.

If you want fewer maintenance calls to deal with your facility lights, a refit is exactly the right solution. New fixtures will need almost no maintenance, and LEDs last almost forever (average 17 years) which means changes will be rare.

You Want to Use Less Electricity & Be More Profitable

Electric lights take up a surprising amount of electricity and incandescent lights create an obscene amount of waste heat. In other words: wasted electricity and lost profits.

Whether your business is trying to go green or save money (or both), upgrading all your old fixtures to new LEDs can significantly cut your daily power use and-- thus -- your electricity bill.

Light Quality Matters in Your Facilities & Improves Your Look

Another real consideration is the quality of light in each of your locations. Light matters more in some businesses than others. And depending on your industry, having high-quality lighting for teams or clients could be overwhelmingly worth the cost of a retrofit.

With LED lights, you don't just get low-heat low-power illumination. You can also control the color, brightness, and clarity of the light in your facilities. In fact, with the right fixtures, you can install lights that offer 100% control over each light's color and strength.

You're Already Planning Renovations

Finally, there's the question of convenience for your business operations. You can upgrade your light multi-location light fixtures at any time. But the best time is when your buildings are already being renovated for other reasons. Whether you are remodeling after buying a new building or upgrading your floor plan, this is convenient time to work on your light fixtures as well.

If you are already planning renovations, even if you are only addressing one facility at a time. Mutli-Site LED can ensure that each of your buildings is refitted with identical fixtures to suit your exact business lighting needs. Learn about our Lighting as a service offerings and how these solutions pay for themselves.

For more insight into whether retrofit LEDs are right for your business locations, contact us today!