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lighting as a service

When most people think about hiring lighting professionals for conversions and repairs, they think of it as a 'field service'. You choose whichever lighting company is closest that offers the services you need. You call around for price quotes, lock down a scheduled service or three, and then the lighting work begins.

However, here at MultiSite LED, we aim to take our client lighting services to a whole new level.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch reliable and continuous lighting services to all of our clients. That is why we are now working on the LaaS or Lighting as a Service business model.

Rather than simply showing up, installing a few lights and leaving, we encourage LaaS clients to rely on us to make sure their lighting is in top shape for years to come. Let us outline the benefits you get when you decide to engage with lighting as a service, not just an appliance to be fixed.

Never Worry About 'The Right Bulb' Again

One of the trickiest things about managing facility lighting, especially for multi-site management, is having the right bulb. There are so many different types and sizes of light fixture that very few businesses are able to keep the right extras on hand. To lights out can easily also require two different models of replacement bulb.

Lighting as a Service can help you in two ways here. First, they will always be ready to bring you the right bulb for your exact fixtures. But even better, with a multi-site lighting service, you can refit all fixtures to use the same bulbs so that they can share a supply of replacement.

Complex Light Fixtures? No Problem. 

Then there's the issue of light fixture complexity. Most people are comfortable changing a common lamp or household light bulb. But commercial light fixtures are usually different. Larger and much more complex fixtures are required to safely and fully illuminate open commercial spaces. However, you can't count on normal employees to know their way around these fixtures.

From repairing damaged fixtures to replacing the specialty bulbs, it's helpful to have a lighting service on-call and ready to assist. No matter what the issue is or how complicated your light fixtures may be, quick solutions can be enacted with Lighting as a Service.

Convert a New Facility

Multi-site companies also need to consider the prospect of adding new buildings to the mix. A business that is successful and growing may expand to a new location or move existing teams to a new location. And, as with all pre-existing commercial property, there will probably be a new type of light fixture.

These light fixtures not only cause confusion about bulb resupply and maintenance, they can also alter the color and ambiance of your company light which may be disruptive. We can help you quickly refit the new fixtures to match the exact same type of lights you use in other facilities. Thus unifying your maintenance requirements and the look-and-feel of your new offices.

Reliable Repairs On-Demand

The whole idea behind Lighting as a Service is to provide more than just scheduled lighting service. We aim to provide companies with a one-stop lighting solution. New fixtures, refitting fixtures, repairs, and light changes don't have to come with a price comparison and scheduling rigamarole every time. Instead, our service will have your lighting preferences, specifications, and locations on file to provide fast and efficient repairs or additional services quickly.

Consultations on the Best Lighting for Your Business

Finally, Lighting as a Service can also help you optimize lighting at each of your facilities. Whether you're worried about light quality, power consumption, or lighting all your business sites the exact same way.

Your lighting service will gladly hold a consultation to help you choose the best lighting solutions for each facility or as an entire brand. You don't have to be a lighting expert to create the lighting results you want. By working with LaaS consultants, you can choose everything from the fixture size to the color of the light and get exactly what you're looking for.


Lighting as a Service is a whole new way to approach facility lighting. Instead of a different contractor for every repair, let fulfill your every lighting need. Multi-Site LED is prepared to offer comprehensive lighting services across multiple locations and many years of partnership. Contact us today to find out more about how we can provide for your business' lighting needs.