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Lighting as a Service (Laas): Comparing it to Traditional Lighting Upgrades

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If you've decided an LED lighting upgrade is the best thing for your business, the process of getting it done makes all the difference on your time and budget. A traditional lighting upgrade might sound convenient enough, but it has some liabilities that are now solved with a different kind of installation service.

Lighting as a Service is a better alternative since it doesn't require a major investment up front as starters.

What's the real difference between these two upgrade methods? Here at MultiSite LED, we now offer a form of LaaS so your LED conversion is a more personalized experience from installation to beyond.

Conducting an Audit with a Company You Trust

Those of you familiar with our LightShare Program already know about our trustworthy lighting analysis's we conduct for no money down. Our LaaS program works the same way and changes how traditional lighting upgrades start.

When you go the usual route, you have to spend extra time to research a contractor to conduct an analysis. With so many choices available, it can become a big burden on your time trying to sort through who the best contractor is.

Yes, it's also a bit meta to consider you have to conduct an analysis just to get pricing for lighting.  Going through us, you'll have someone in your corner able to do a lighting analysis in the right way.

Changing the Upgrade Quote

The traditional method of a lighting audit usually results in the contractor giving you a ballpark quote on what it would cost you to upgrade. We've changed this from what it used to be so the quote we provide is about what you'll save rather than spend.

Working through us, we'll be using our standard LightShare Program of covering the cost of your upgrade. You then pay over the long-term as you enjoy exponential ROI. This system has become a unique model to help us stand apart from competitors.

Now you don't have to feel like you're gambling by spending so much capital up front on LED lighting. Either way, though, you're guaranteed to save up to 80% on your energy bill.

Also keep this in mind: If you end up spending a lot of money for an upgrade through a different contractor, it may require you to borrow the money. Doing so could harm you financially once you start seeing your LED lighting paying back.

Ongoing Maintenance

A lot of LED lighting services charge you a fortune for the installation, then leave it up to you to replace the lights when they go out or break. Who really wants to deal with maintenance, especially if you have multiple locations where the lights were installed?

In some cases, those lights can be dangerous to replace if placed in precarious locations. Your maintenance crew won't appreciate this considering they'd be responsible.

Lighting as a Service changes this and provides ongoing maintenance for the life of the LED's. We provide this as part of your LaaS conversion and will always be there to ensure replacements take place quickly.

Despite having this maintenance system, we work closely with manufacturers to provide quality LED lighting solutions.

Not Having to Wait Years to See Savings

Some traditional LED upgrades can cost so much money, a business would have to wait years to see any kind of decent ROI. Our company realized the problems this causes and made it so businesses like yours can get a "no money down" plan to enjoy savings almost immediately.

The math doesn't lie, and we're proud to be one of the few services offering this type of program.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about our Lighting as a Service process and how it brings superior LED management to eliminate future worries.