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Most people probably think of restaurants as being one-story buildings without any steps to climb. However, your franchise is perhaps designed a little differently. You've maybe added a second story to create a different concept from what's typical.

While this may give you a unique look, it can also pose some dangers. This is especially the case outdoors if you use steps.

Only good lighting is going to help prevent accidents from occurring. Take a look at how LED lights help illuminate any restaurant stairs.

Using LED Lights in Restaurants

If you're deciding to use LED lights in your restaurant, you'll want to know that you're not alone. Our numerous LED projects for them here at MultiSite LED show you everything you need to know about the energy savings you'll receive.

However, it's worth talking more about the safety aspects to LED's. We've written briefly before about the safety aspects of using LED's around stairs in restaurants. Now it's a matter of analyzing where you use steps in your restaurant and how dangerous they could possibly be.

The good news is LED lights come in different styles (including different colors) so you can highlight any stepways. You can also use these for aesthetic purposes.

Using LED's For Interior Restaurant Stairs

Your use of stairs in your restaurant can pose dangers to not only your customers, but also employees. Consider the wait staff may have to climb those stairs if you have a second floor with tables.

Some good ideas for LED lighting here include smaller high-powered LED lights, or even LED bars. Placing these alongside stairs will help illuminate each one so no one accidentally misses a step.

These type of lights work well, even if your steps are in the form of a winding staircase.

Also consider that you're possibly using stairs in your office area. This may even entail you and your office assistants having to climb stairs to reach the office.

No matter how many times you go up and down those stairs, the chances are always there someone could trip without proper lighting.

Using LED Lights for Steps in Your Parking Lot

To accommodate more parking, it's possible you've had to build a parking garage to hold more cars. These can become dangerous places at night, not including open-space parking areas.

When you have stairs around these parking areas, things become more risky. In a parking garage, the likelihood increases you have stairs for multiple floors. Even in an open parking lot, you may use steps if built on different ground layers.

More and more restaurants use LED lighting in parking lots, making it all the more important to use them around stairs. LED lights to replace fluorescent tubes and other older fixtures typically will pay for itself in the immediate energy savings.

LED lights are known to deter crime, and this makes placing them around dark stair areas all the more essential. Since LED lights are also more directional, you'll be able to light up these specific areas to a brighter hue.

LED Lights for the Stairs By Your Entrance

Due to specific building codes, you may have had no choice but to leave stairs in front of your entrance. Older buildings are sometimes designed this way, though you may prefer this as a form of restaurant branding.

Since these steps are going to receive the highest amount of floor traffic, the type of LED lighting you use here will make a big difference in appearance and safety.

With myriad LED lighting styles you could use here, you should depend on a true LED lighting expert to help you make the smartest decision.

At MultiSite LED, we're available to assess the lighting you need. We'll install LED lights with no money down using our LightShare Program.

Contact us to learn more about our LED lighting replacement program, installation methods and the places where you can use these lights throughout your restaurant.

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