LightShare Program

LightShare for Restaurant Franchisees Solves Upfront Capital Expense

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As an owner of multiple franchise restaurants, you have to contend with the relentless expense of high electric lighting demands. From keeping exterior lighting elements burning through the night to providing a consistent and comfortable interior lighting design, your power and lighting-maintenance costs eat into your bottom line month after month.

You're probably aware of the potential cost savings you could realize in transitioning your facilities from older, less-efficient, high-maintenance lighting solutions, such as fluorescents and halogens, to state-of-the-art, low-maintenance lighting technologies like LED. The cleaner looking light makes your interior and exterior look much better also.

But until now those savings have required a significant capital investment, which may not be in your current budget or may require a slow, facility-by-facility transition over a long period that makes cost-savings a distant prospect at best.

Fortunately, there is another way. At MultiSite LED, we specialize in transitioning multiple-facility franchise restaurant operations from old, costly lighting solutions to efficient, cost-effective LED solutions. And, with our LightShare program, we deliver those solutions on a no-money-down, 100% financing basis.

With LightShare, you can transition all of your facilities at once to a modern, efficient, LED lighting solution without any up-front capital expense.

How is that possible? It starts with the simple observation that if all of your facilities adopt a carefully-planned LED lighting solution in a single, well-managed transition, your business will realize immediate and substantial operation-wide energy and maintenance cost savings. Those savings will be greater than the cost of financing the transition, even with no money down.

Through MultiSite LED's LightShare financing program, in effect, we "share" the monthly savings with you by taking monthly repayment from your immediate savings. You keep the remaining savings during the financing term and then capture all of the savings going forward. It's truly a win-win for your business and ours.

You might be thinking, "That sounds great on paper, but has it been proven?" We're proud to say yes, it has. Here are some case studies of multi-facility franchise restaurant operations we've transitioned from legacy lighting solutions to high-efficiency LED through the LightShare program, at substantial savings to the owners. 

You might also be wondering "If financing an LED conversion through the LightShare program is such a no-brainer, why aren't more LED lighting contractors offering similar terms?" The answer is in MultiSite LED's value proposition. It takes a particular skill set to convert multiple restaurant facilities to a new lighting solution seamlessly and efficiently.

At MultiSite LED, we have perfected a tested and proven four-step system for delivering turnkey LED lighting solutions operation-wide. First, our expert team analyzes your operation's energy costs and the full range of potential cost savings from a transition to LED.

Next, we optimize a solution tailored to your facilities' needs, delivering a proposal that lays out your expected savings and the LightShare financing opportunity. We follow that up by standardizing the chosen solution, working with your team to identify one or more facilities at which we can implement a transition to LED lighting that sets a benchmark for the expected savings and performance at your remaining restaurants.

Finally, we realize the transition across all of your facilities, confirming benchmarks along the way and taking care of the administrative task of filing the paperwork to receive available energy-savings rebates from government programs.

What's more, with LightShare you benefit not only from our expertise and proven processes but also from side-stepping the usual LED lighting supply chain.

Because MultiSite LED implements our solutions across all of your facilities at once, we can take advantage of economies of scale by purchasing directly from our exclusive lighting manufacturers. The savings achieved from cutting out middlemen flow directly to your bottom line through a lower financing cost. 

So, stop putting off a transition to LED lighting at your restaurants because of the upfront cost. To learn more about how MultiSite LED's LightShare no-money-down financing program can deliver a turnkey LED lighting solution with immediate, cash-flow positive savings to your restaurant franchise operation, contact us today.  


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