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LED Lights Give Maintenance Crews Less Stress

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maintenance crews

All the people who work behind the scenes in your business are no doubt valued by you, but what have you done recently to make their jobs easier? Your maintenance staff are probably taken for granted sometimes, especially when it comes to replacing your indoor and outdoor lighting.

Have you considered making a lighting change to help your maintenance staff reduce the time it takes to replace lights?

One way to go about that is to change from the incandescent or CFL lights you're using now to LED's

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

The length of time LED lights last will help your maintenance crew considerably. No doubt you invested in CFL's in recent years as the next best option for energy efficiency and longevity. In reality, CFL's generally last 8,000 hours, though typically burn out fast if turned on and off a lot.

Compared to LED's, there really isn't any contest. You likely knew this already a while ago, yet it might have slipped your mind due to balking at the price. Five to ten years ago, LED lights were definitely more expensive. Now they're more affordable than ever.

Also, LED's will last up to five years with nonstop use. They can last even longer if you happen to turn them off during the night.

This obviously gives your maintenance crew less headaches in having to change your lighting in every possible place. Your team is likely busy enough trying to maintain the equipment you need to rely on to keep your business running optimally.

Directional Lighting for Easier Installation

Another great feature of LED lighting is that it's directional rather than dispersed light as you'd find in incandescents and CFL's. You'll have more advantages with this, especially when looking for a particular style of lighting like recessed or decorative.

For lighting over sitting areas or desks, the directional aspect allows you to install them at closer range if used with diffusers. Your maintenance crew will appreciate this so they don't have to climb to precarious areas in your building to replace a light.

Then again, since you'll also be using LED's in your parking lot, maintenance workers won't have to worry about scaling tall light posts to change the lights twice a year.

Undoubtedly, you've had many incandescent and CFL bulbs burn out in your parking lot (or parking garage), leading to frustration in trying to get them replaced quickly. Because of precarious placement, your maintenance crew might let the lights stay burned out for longer than you want.

Leaving dark areas around your parking lot could create major problems, as in crime or someone tripping over a curb.

Finding Help With Your Installation

If you've finally realized using LED lights is a new essential to keep your energy bills down (with up to 80% in savings), how do you go about installing them in a convenient way?

Your maintenance staff may fret when they hear in a meeting you want LED lights installed in all your locations. They may think you expect them to do the installation on their own, which might bring a negative response. After all, how are you going to do this without bringing downtime?

The best solution is to go through an LED lighting expert that can analyze what you need and help you plan an installation without creating burdens.

We're available to help here at MultiSite LED. We'll do a complete analysis of your current lighting system and show you how LED's help you save the most money. Through our LightShare Program, we'll work on your schedule to install the LED lights with no money down.

Contact us to learn more about LED lighting and how it creates less headaches for your staff.