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The world of manufacturing continues to thrive, even if a lot of their equipment is being managed through automation. Regardless, it still takes human beings to run a manufacturing facility efficiently. They're going to need good lighting to avoid making critical mistakes.

You're perhaps starting to notice that workers in your own facility aren't keeping their spirits up while they work. Maybe you're also getting complaints about lack of good visibility, including more accident reports than ever.

All of this is often due to bad lighting. Take a look at how LED lights can change the atmosphere in your manufacturing facility to improve worker morale.

How Lighting Could Affect Manufacturing Crews Psychologically

Have you noticed some of your manufacturing team not feeling happy and perhaps reporting depression to human resources?

While various reasons could be behind this, you might want to look into how lighting affects moods. There isn't anything more important than keeping your team with a positive mindset at all hours. While it's likely hard for your graveyard shift workers to stay in a good mood, using LED lighting will at least help alleviate depressive feelings.

Medical science shows using LED lights helps eliminate darker moods. To keep a more cheerful nature going in your manufacturing plant 24/7, this is a good first step to improve productivity.

Most of all, helping your employees feel better psychologically prevents any serious accidents or mistakes while they work.

Using LED Lights for Better Vision

One great aspect to LED lights is they're directional, making them perfect for environments where exacting tasks occur.

For a manufacturing facility like yours, dim lights could mean some employees being unable to see details during important manufacturing procedures. Incandescent lights and CFL's are known for being slightly dimmer than you'd see in LED's.

You're likely so used to using the above older lights, you've become complacent to accidents they could cause.

Keep in mind it's just as important to use LED lights around stairways if you have multiple levels in your facility. Commercial businesses like restaurants already do this often to prevent staff or customers from falling.

To adhere to OSHA regulations, you'll want to use LED's as much as possible to improve work performance and remove hazards.

LED's to Help Manage Your Budget

Keeping your manufacturing facility operating on budget is no doubt a constant hurdle you frequently lose. Rather than continually lose money, it's time to take this seriously and look at what's causing your financial headaches.

Your lighting is no doubt a major part of this issue. Did you know CFL's you likely upgraded to a decade ago don't really save as much money as LED's?

In reality, CFL's only last 8,000 hours compared to LED's lasting 11,000 hours. This basic comparison should give you incentive to switch to LED's considering the longevity of the lights save you up to as much as 80% on your energy bill.

Our country still depends on the manufacturing sector, and going out of business just because you didn't switch to more efficient lighting shouldn't become a new statistic.

Improving Outdoor Environments Around Your Facility

Don't forget to think about what goes on outside your manufacturing center. You may have a large, open-space parking lot, or a massive parking garage for your employees.

Both of these areas need good lighting to prevent anyone tripping over curbs or potholes. It'll also help prevent crime, especially for those working the night shifts.

While you may have plenty of security cameras in your parking area, bright LED lights will help any criminal show up on video as if committing an act in daylight.

We'll help you achieve an LED lighting install at your convenience through our LightShare Program.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about how we've become a leader in multi-site LED installations.