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Energy Management Systems for Restaurants: Monitoring LEDs Remotely

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monitoring leds remotely

Those of you who own or manage a restaurant chain may have already switched to using LED lights in recent months or years. If you have, you've made one of the best investments you could make to save yourself money. At the same time, managing your lighting systems can still become a problem if you're running 24/7.

We've written before showing the benefits of how energy management systems work in restaurants. How would it work specifically with LED lighting systems to keep things running around the clock?

Let's look at what this technology is doing to save restaurants even more money using LED's.

Bringing The Internet of Things to Your Restaurant

No doubt you've heard plenty about The Internet of Things (IoT) and may even have some form of it in your home. Using it in your restaurant, though, has perhaps been a side thought because of worry about the expense of setting it up.

More and more restaurants are starting to use these because they're really not complicated to install. It simply involves installing a smart control panel in an inconspicuous place. You can control many of the functions from the panel, or have them controlled remotely.

These are going to help optimize, monitor, and manage your lighting use in your restaurant with ease.

How would it work with LED lighting? When you have a reliable LED consultant team working with you, it makes the advantage even greater.

Optimizing Your LED Lighting When Operating 24/7

Rather than rely on someone to control your lighting each night, having a remote team makes a big difference in maintaining which lights you want on or off.

After switching to a 24/7 schedule in your restaurant, some employees may inadvertently leave LED lights on in parts of the building that don't have to be on. Through remote management, your team handles which lights you want to turn off after a certain time.

For instance, with growing use of LED's even in office areas, the back office lights can be switched off after they close. Without remote management, your overnight employees may not even think about going into the offices to shut the lights off manually.

Controlling Outdoor Lighting

Energy management systems also work for outdoor lighting in restaurants. If you want to look to a major franchise as inspiration, you can see how Red Robin has made these systems work for them.

In 2017, they installed energy management systems in all their restaurants to control everything from HVAC systems to outdoor lights. You can do the same with your outdoor lighting, especially since you want all of them on once nighttime hours begin.

Sticking with manual management could mean forgetting to turn on a particular outdoor light, hence potential accidents in your parking lot or entryway.

Monitoring LED Lighting Use

We've proven here many times that using LED lights in restaurants can save up to 80% in energy consumption. Of course, this is in normally functioning restaurants with regular closing times.

Once you change over to a 24/7 schedule, having remote assistance is imperative. Leaving unnecessary LED lights on every day of the week can end up eroding the savings you originally planned to enjoy.

Quality energy management systems have remote monitoring services as well to make sure everything operates smoothly. Along with metrics involved, both the remote team and you can keep things managed so you don't make more mistakes.

We invite you to contact us at MultiSite LED so we can be your source for an LED retrofit in your restaurant this year. Ask about our LightShare Program to see how much you'll save, including through remote management.