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The Operational Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting for Multi-Location Businesses

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Thinking about converting to outdoor LED lighting for your portfolio of business locations? That would be a wise choice because outdoor lighting is crucial for safety and visibility in parking lots, on sidewalks and in other outdoor areas. There are also many operational benefits of outdoor LED lighting.

If you own or manage a multi-location business, here are some of the operational benefits of outdoor LED lighting to consider. The cost and operational benefits of LED lighting create a compelling business case for migration from traditional outdoor lighting to LED outdoor lighting.


The energy and cost savings of outdoor LED lighting are one of a major operational benefit. Energy-efficient LED lighting offers more lumens per watt than halide or incandescent lighting while using significantly less energy.

This translates into a 50- to 80-percent savings on energy costs—which can very quickly help you lessen your overhead costs in your multiple business locations. Outdoor LED lighting is solid-state technology, providing high quality, super-efficient light that will fundamentally change the energy and maintenance dynamics of your company.


Outdoor LED lighting lasts 10 to 20 times longer than fluorescent lighting—even up to 50,000 hours or 25 years, depending on usage. So, LED lighting saves you money on lighting maintenance costs and keeps your cash flow in the black.

This means your maintenance staff doesn't have to constantly change hard-to-reach outdoor bulbs—and you don't have to pay them to do it every time, either. Further, your customers will appreciate the fact that your business never has any burned-out street lights or other types of outdoor lighting.


Traditional outdoor lighting takes time to heat up and turn on, which can be challenging in cold outdoor environments. But the solid-state technology of outdoor LED lighting shines more brightly than traditional outdoor lighting.

And since solid-state LED lighting doesn't need much heat to operate, it's instantly available to provide light, even in frigidly cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions.


Traditional outdoor lighting is often characterized by dull, yellow lighting that may hum noisily and annoyingly. This type of outdoor lighting is operationally clumsy and often under-performs.

A better option is outdoor LED lighting, which emits brighter and whiter light than traditional lighting systems—for enhanced facility appearance and lighting performance. This translates into a better-performing outdoor lighting system that evenly illuminates large areas such as parking lots and streets.

Outdoor LED lighting improves the visual acuity of any outdoor area so customers and guests can spot your business and discern details better from a distance. This results in your outdoor locations presenting a safer, more pleasant shopping environment for your guests and customers.


A growing number of municipalities are adopting lighting ordinances to ensure public safety in outdoor spaces. The durability and performance of outdoor LED lighting makes it easier to comply with these types of regulatory requirements. LED lighting is highly directional in nature, making it more effective at illuminating outdoor spaces, thus promoting enhanced public safety.

All these benefits add up to fewer operational hassles and expenses as well as more cost savings for your multi-site business facilities with outdoor areas. As you can see, outdoor LED lighting is an operationally elegant solution.

When you're ready to convert your outdoor lighting from traditional to LED lighting, contact us at MultiSite LED. We are experts in multi-site LED lighting conversions. MultiSite LED can provide a program that allows savings to pay for the conversion, keeping your cash flow positive from the beginning. Check out our LaaS solution also. We will help you decide on the best approach for your needs.

To find out more about the operational benefits of outdoor LED lighting, contact us today!