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Eliminate the Cave Effect In Your Parking Garage Lights

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Parking garages owners know that their structures pose a unique problem when it comes to lighting particularly in the case of floor to floor reduced heights and exposed sections of the complex. The wrong lighting system causes the garage to feel like a cave with dim ceilings, limited visibility, and pockets of deep shadows.  

The Cave Effect Deters Safety

The cave effect causes customers and employees to feel uneasy when walking to and from their cars. Booth attendants and maintenance workers feel uncomfortable while working in the garage. Anyone who works late into the night is doubly influenced by the lack of a well-lit garage. 

Poorly lit parking garages are convenient places for intruders with criminal intent. They may be hiding in dark corners or alongside cars waiting for someone walking alone to their vehicle.

In a dingy environment perpetrators are not visible to the victim until it is too late. The Bureau of Justice Statistics cites that more than one in ten property crimes occur in parking garages including 6% of purse snatching and pick-pocketing. Crimes were most likely to transpire in parking garages with an automated attendant. 

Customers place their safety first and they will avoid parking in a garage with poor lighting. This means a loss of revenue for the owner.

Employees who do not have a choice and must park in a dark garage never feel safe and do not stop thinking about that walk they have to make at least twice a day.

They become nervous and anxious. These feelings affect their performance on the job. Employees who do not feel safe may find work elsewhere.

Low visibility is one of the reasons there is an increased number of auto accidents inside a parking garage.

According to AAA 20% of all vehicular accidents happen in a parking lot or parking garage. Car and pedestrian collisions often result in severe bodily harm to the pedestrian.

A parking garage owner can be held liable for any accident if it was caused in part by broken, and burnt-out lighting or not enough lighting. 

Installing LED lighting in every area of a parking garage eliminates the cave effect and discourages crime. The system illuminates stop signs, exit signs, and pedestrian walkways. LEDs emit light in a specific direction so the darkest corners of the garage brighten when light is focused on those spaces.

Lower Maintenance and Energy Costs

Maintenance and energy costs impact the bottom line as much as a loss of business. Parking garage owners who do not employ full time maintenance staffs find that broken or burnt-out lights do not get replaced on a regular basis which chases away customers.

Companies that own a parking garage have the same problem as maintenance crews have higher priorities to deal with. The replacement of bulbs may require heavy equipment and presents a danger to maintenance workers as well as a hefty time commitment.

Older lighting system maintenance is costly not just because of the bulb's short lifespan, but also because ballast life is short and striker failure is inevitable. 

Depending on the hours of usage LED lights can last seventeen years or more and they need neither ballasts nor strikers to function. By converting to a LED lighting system scheduled maintenance and the sudden darkness caused by a burnt-out bulb is no longer an issue saving parking garage owners time, money, and customers.

LEDs are the most efficient energy-saving technology to date and the most environmental friendly. They do not emit heat and they use less electricity than other lighting systems.

Therefore, the cost of electricity for parking garages declines immensely saving the owner approximately twenty cents an hour for each bulb. Owners of multiple parking garages will see a significant improvement in energy savings for all locations. 

Improve security and energy savings for your parking garage by contacting us.

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