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Publicly Traded Restaurants: Evidence in How LED Lights Help Them

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Some of the biggest publicly traded restaurant franchisees in the world are finally joining the LED lighting fray after decades of using other lighting systems. While LED lighting has been around for a long time, major corporations didn't realize their value until within the last decade.

During this time, major restaurant franchises took on major initiatives to use LED lighting as part of an overall energy-saving program.

Take a look at the evidence of what LED lighting is doing for them and how it can help your restaurant franchise.

Major Restaurant Franchisees That Switched to LED Lighting

When you think of publicly traded restaurant franchisees, you likely think of names like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Burger King. You can also include big names like Starbucks, Chipotle, or Domino's Pizza.

All of these franchises switched to using LED lighting within the last few years or more. The origins of restaurants realizing energy savings from LED lights started at the end of the last decade. For instance, The New York Times wrote in 2009 about how many restaurants in big cities were starting to see the evidence in LED lighting bringing lower energy bills.

Since then, many other restaurants see the incredible percentage of energy savings to improve ROI. In fact, restaurants like yours can immediately save up to 50-80% in energy costs.

So which restaurants should you look to for inspiration on this LED transition? You'll be surprised at how many made the switch a while ago.

The McDonald's Initiative to Use LED Lighting

Recently, we noted how McDonald's made a huge worldwide push to go green in many of their practices, which included switching to LED lighting systems.

This plan started back in 2009 as part of a push to adhere to the LEED certification program. Use of LED lights at McDonald's became a true global effort, including use of them in outdoor spaces.

As you can see, LED lighting works just as well for parking lots at restaurants. While this is inspiring on its own, McDonald's is far from the only one seeing amazing results from using LED lighting.

LED Projects for KFC

The most popular fried chicken franchise in the world also made the switch to LED lighting in recent years. At MultiSite LED, we're proud to say we took on major projects that helped various KFC franchises make their LED transitions easier.

One of them was a franchise in Connecticut and Rhode Island, owned by Apple Valley Kinco. After we installed LED lighting in all their restaurants, they ended up seeing a first-year savings of $4,373.

In another KFC franchise located along the New Jersey shore, we managed to save those restaurants well over $74,000 in their first decade of use. For a lifetime value, this came to $241,091.

Other Restaurant Franchises to Learn From

Looking back to franchises mentioned earlier, Starbucks was another publicly traded restaurant we've seen benefit immensely from LED lighting. When they started their initiative, their goal was to cut energy use to 25% by 2015. They managed to reach their goal easily.

Burger King installed LED lighting in many of their restaurants as well, with the company noting the LED lights were still working more than two years after being put in place.

LED Projects

Many Chipotle restaurants made their LEED certification transitions over a decade go. Back then, they began using LED lighting as part of this plan, giving them a 10-year savings as of this year.

Domino's Pizza managed to top all restaurant franchises. Five years ago, they broke a world-record for the most energy-efficient LED lighting efficiency.

Contact us at MultiSite LED so your restaurant franchise can enjoy the savings the above corporate names continue to experience. Using our LightShare program, you can get LED lighting for no money down.

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