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QSR RestaurantS USE LED Lighting to Stand Out From Competitors

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Business competition is fiercer than ever in our modern times, and you likely experience the pain of this daily running a quick-serve restaurant. Serving fast food is still very popular with all demographics, especially Millennial's. However, your restaurant is perhaps located close to similar restaurants, even on the same street corner.

How do you compel people to come visit your restaurant over a competitor's? Lighting plays a big factor in this on both the exterior and interior.

Take a look at how LED lighting can change how people perceive you from outside, and when they come in.

Using LED Lighting On Your Building

The sign on your restaurant is going to become the first thing people see from afar, especially travelers visiting for the first time. With more and more restaurants switching to LED lighting (see our projects we've worked on), it's clear more of them see the benefits for energy savings and as a form of branding.

It's the latter above often becoming the most overlooked. Placing LED lights on your building will make you stand out, especially at night. You've maybe decided to keep your restaurant operational into the late-night hours now, if not even a 24/7 operation. If so, LED lights are guaranteed to highlight your building during the nighttime hours.

Placing these lights around your sign will make a big difference in helping people see your sign from a distance in the dark. Plus, if you don't want accent lighting or decorative lights, LED's are more directional to help bring out details.

Using LED's as trim lighting around your building will also help visitors see the entire shape of the structure so they'll know how many people you can hold inside.

Using LED Lighting in Your Parking Lot

Another way to stand out in the night is to use LED lighting in parking lots. You're seeing more restaurants do this, including helping as a major crime deterrent.

From a visual standpoint, having a well-lit parking lot will immediately go over better with first-time visitors. No one wants to park in a lot that isn't well-lighted, especially if it's a parking garage.

LED lights are so bright, it'll make your parking lot look like the middle of the day during the a.m. hours. As a safety measure, it's just as important. You may have quite a few curbs, steps, and other obstacles around your parking area. Obviously, you don't want anyone tripping and falling in your parking lot to avoid possible lawsuits.

More Directional Light to Highlight Interior Details

The directional aspect to LED lights beats out the previous type of lighting you're likely using: CFL's. These were once considered the most energy-efficient and longest lasting of all lighting about a decade ago. Back then, LED lights were far too expensive for most businesses to afford.

Now LED's are far more affordable to purchase. They also last longer than CFL's, making maintenance so much easier. Best of all, the directional quality will highlight many details within the interior of your restaurant to make you different from the ordinary.

Not every restaurant uses LED lighting yet, and your competitors may not. Using LED lights inside will help improve moods and help people enjoy the atmosphere. No one is going to feel a sense of having fun with non-directional and dull lighting like incandescent lights used to bring.

LED's will also highlight your food, which is what your restaurant is all about. Your particular menu is likely unique compared to the more uniform fast food eateries on your block. Make your food stand out with good lighting so your customers keep coming back.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn about our LightShare Program, which helps install LED lighting in all your restaurant locations without requiring a down payment.

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