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Quick Serve Restaurant Industry -  LED Lighting at Multiple Locations

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You're perhaps one of the many continuing to enjoy running a quick serve restaurant franchise and all the success it brings. The only thing likely making you wonder about the future is your energy bills and how you'll manage them.

With multiple locations open in your state (or even in multiple states), the bills you pay for energy could add up significantly if not using proper lighting.

It's easy to become complacent about this matter if you've used incandescent or fluorescent lights since the beginning. You need to see some facts about why switching to LED lights changes things for the better.

Is it Possible to Install LED Lighting in Multiple Locations?

To answer this question, you need to look at the evidence in what LED lighting brings. Many restaurants now use LED lighting because of the significant energy savings. Through our installation projects at MultiSite LED, we've managed to give various fast-food franchises lifetime savings in the six figures.

This occurs thanks to our specific program helping restaurants like yours with multiple locations transition to LED lighting without it being burdensome.

No doubt your first thought when hearing about needing to upgrade is that it would become impossible to install in all your restaurants without major inconvenience.

When you work with our LightShare program, you'll see how fast and convenient it is, especially since you won't have to pay any money down.

Not Having to Worry About Replacements for Years

Installing your LED lights can become more painless when you work with a team willing to work on your schedule. We'll work closely with you to make sure your multi-location upgrade is done in a timely way without it interfering with your customers or employees.

Once you get your LED lighting done, you won't have to worry about doing it again for many years. LED lights last up to five years with heavy usage, and much longer (well over a decade or more) if used more conservatively.

In comparison, incandescent and fluorescent lights frequently burn out much faster. Incandescent lights, in particular, burn out after a year. CFL's last longer, though not nearly as long as LED's.

As a result, your maintenance crew is going to feel more relieved not having to replace your lights so often as they've likely done in recent years. Getting this done in multiple locations has likely been a major hurdle.

Having Consistency in the Ambiance of Your Restaurants

If you're going to upgrade to LED lighting, you need to do so in all your quick serve restaurant locations. Otherwise, you could set the wrong tone and overall branding of your franchise.

Lighting makes subtle differences in the appearance of restaurants, including how people feel. Science continues to prove LED lighting helps shape moods because it's brighter and more directional.

Using this type of lighting in all your restaurant locations is going to give you a more consistent look. To maintain customer loyalty, you need to keep a consistency going in what people expect when visiting.

Having dimmer lighting in one place, but brighter lighting in another could confuse exactly what type of ambiance you're trying to create.

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Installation Done Without Having to Spend Money

Perhaps you've held off on doing an LED lighting installation because you know it'll cost a bundle. Those of you who work with our LightShare program can get it done for free and pay back when you start receiving a major ROI.

First, we do an analysis of how much you'd save using LED lighting in each restaurant location. You'll have definitive numbers on what your ROI is, giving you opportunity to pay for your installation later while still making exponential profit.

Contact us at MultiSite LED to learn more about how we make multi-site LED installations easier.


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