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Quick Serve Restaurant LED Lighting: Bringing a Fresh, Modern Look

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The aesthetic aspects of lighting is something you've maybe ignored, despite running a quick-serve restaurant longer than most others. It's easy to ignore something like this when you have a steady flow of loyal customers.

If you're catering to a younger crowd now, they may prefer you having a more fresh and modern look to your restaurant. After all, Millennials are a major market for restaurants offering fast food.

Have you checked your lighting recently to see how it affects the look of your interior space? Take a look at how LED lighting changes things.

Inspecting Your Lighting

You may not even pay attention to your lighting and just assign maintenance crews to replace lights when they go out. If you're still using incandescent or CFL lights, you're probably noticing how fast they need replacing. While you likely bought CFL's at one time because they last longer than incandescent lights, CFL's can't compete with LED's now.

Thanks to LED lights being more affordable than they were a few years ago, LED's are in a position to eclipse CFL's.

Do a proper inspection to see whether you're still behind using incandescents or CFL lights. One thing you'll discover is that LED lights last up to seven years (if not longer), depending on how much you use them.

The Aesthetic Quality to Your Lighting

One thing you maybe didn't know about using older lighting is it's not directional. CFL lights are generally duller in light quality as well, bringing subtle effects to the aesthetics of your restaurant.

LED lights are directional, making it potentially more aesthetically pleasing to those looking for a fresh appearance. No doubt your quick-serve restaurant tries to go for a fun atmosphere, something more challenging to achieve with duller lighting.

Evidence continues to show LED lighting helps improve moods, making it more possible for you to change customer perceptions.

The more people feel good while eating in your restaurant, the more likely they'll come back again. Also, the sound of people having fun in your restaurant gives clues to others that you're doing something right.

Making Your Food Look Good

With grocery stores using LED lights lately to make their food look more appealing, it's more than possible for you to do the same in your restaurant.

Creating a modern look can often come down to how people perceive things, including how the food looks. Do some experimenting and see what your fast food looks like with incandescent or CFL lights overhead.

One thing you'll discover is that CFL lights (and incandescents) run hot. This obviously isn't good if you have them directly positioned over customers and food at each table. If you serve ice cream products, this could become worse, while making customers feel uncomfortable.

LED lights run at only 87F, helping to prevent ruining the look of your food. Besides, more directional light highlights small details in your food you probably want customers to notice.

Finding Ways to Get Your LED Install Done Conveniently

After realizing LED lights are essential for your restaurant, how are you going to have them installed so it doesn't disrupt business?

Here at MultiSite LED, we've created a LightShare Program where we install LED lights in all your restaurant locations for no money down.

It's a deal you won't find anywhere else, allowing you to get upgraded without having to spend a fortune upfront. Thanks to LED lights saving between 50%-80% on your energy bill, the ROI will more than pay back.

Contact us so we can analyze what lights you're using and set up a plan to install your LED's on your schedule.

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