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Why LED Lighting Helps Quick Serve Restaurants in Creating Ambiance

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Running a quick serve restaurant is one of the most challenging business concepts due to the extreme competition. You might find it surprising that lighting can make a big difference in how people feel when they enter your restaurant. As a result, it may determine whether they continue to visit your restaurant or a competitor.

LED lighting plays a big part in these moods and creating specific ambiance in eateries like yours. How can you make LED lighting work for you similarly? It pays to work with an LED lighting company like us at MultiSite LED through our LightShare program.

Creating the Right Moods in Your Quick Serve Restaurant

Mood and what people eat are closely related to one another. If you're still using outdated lighting, this could affect everything from how people feel when ordering from your menu to what your food looks like.

More and more restaurants are turning to LED lighting for this very reason, though also for the energy savings. We've worked on numerous projects where we installed LED lighting in various fast-food franchises. All of them experienced exponential savings after their first year. Lifetime savings are frequently calculated in the six figures.

ROI like this helps you focus more on creating a real ambiance in your restaurant that can create a unique form of branding.

Making People Feel Good

Since most customers visiting quick serve restaurants want good food as quickly as possible, they also want to feel good when they order.  Science continues to show LED lighting's ability to eliminate feelings of depression, something you obviously want to quash when people come in.

With the world being more stressful than ever, a restaurant like yours should become a place of escape to find tasty food and a pleasant atmosphere.

If you can manage to make your customers feel happy in your restaurant with LED lighting, how will that translate into how your food looks?

The Aesthetics of Food

Many grocery stores now use LED lighting to help make specific foods (including produce) look more appealing. You can see why this is becoming a recurring practice to sell more food.  This works well because of one specific principle in LED's: Directional light.

When you have more directional light sources, you're going to highlight more details in the items from your menu.  Perhaps this works well in displaying food, but it works just as well when bringing food to the table.

Using LED lighting over each of your tables allows customers to see your own food in all its detailed glory. Good food should look good as well as taste good.

Of course, if your restaurant displays food before it's served, LED lights would become ideal. This could occur on a conveyor belt, or in display cases.

LED Lighting Outdoors

Creating a unique ambiance in your restaurant also means paying attention to how you present things outside. LED lighting does a lot to create instant visual appeal around your doorway, or even in the parking lot.

For safety, LED lighting in parking lots is already becoming a standard for many eating establishments. To highlight your signs or menus outside your door, LED's bring out more details and set a tone before people go in.

With the directional aspect, you'll be able to highlight a specific menu in an outdoor display, or make your signage stand out if you have competitors nearby.

At MultiSite LED, we can help get you upgraded to LED lighting in all your quick serve restaurant locations.  Contact us to find out more about our LightShare program, allowing you to enjoy LED lighting installation with no money down.