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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Restaurant Energy Management System

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With the ever-rising energy costs, restaurant owners and managers are soliciting for ways to cut energy costs. An energy management system has become a viable option to identify and eliminate excessive and unnecessary energy consumption.

 Also, it reduces operating expenses and increases organizational profitability. MultiSite LED restaurant energy management systems help you attain cost and utility efficiency and save money.

Choosing the best energy management system can be daunting and overwhelming because of the numerous systems on the market. Restaurateurs need to know how to identify the best energy management system that has the right combination of features to meet their business needs.

Below are six tips for choosing the best restaurant energy management system.

1. Set Goals

Before you start shopping for an energy management system, you need to define your goals. The goals of using an energy management system vary from one restaurant to another.

Identify your unique objectives for a system before you hit the market. What do you purpose to achieve with the system?

Do you intend to understand energy use patterns?  Identify load-shifting and load-shedding opportunities? Manage energy expenses? Make energy decisions?

For example, you may want to use an energy management system to cut costs by identifying load-shedding opportunities available for your restaurant.

2. Broad interoperability

Your restaurant energy management system should not be a digital clock that only switches lights on and off.

It should have extensive interoperability to connect all energy-using points in your restaurant including ventilation, fryers, temperature sensors, cookers, and other major equipment.

A great system should watch your electronic equipment, take necessary corrective action, and deliver measurable results.

3. Technology and Customization

Settle for an energy management system that employs the latest technology in the industry for the best outcomes. Ensure it has a good track record and is user-friendly, quality, and easy to install.

An outdated system may have numerous problems, cost you more money in repairs and energy costs. The system should be customizable to meet your restaurant's needs and solve your pain points.  

4. Remote and On-site Access

Choose a system that has both remote and on-site control and monitoring to promote efficiency and save time. You wouldn't like a system that forces you to drive to your restaurant to make an adjustment.

Modern energy management systems allow remote control and monitoring of your system from anywhere anytime. Remote monitoring ensures that the system works effectively to accomplish the desired results—energy and cost savings.

5. Integration with current system  

A good system should integrate well with your existing system. It should mingle with third-party devices well. An excellent energy management system should be future proof, i.e., compatible with future changes.

Since an energy management system is an investment, it should be upgradeable in the event of technological changes. It should serve your restaurant's current needs as well as be equipped for future ones.

6. Affordability

Affordability means different things to different people. To many, it means something to do with low cost. However, when it comes to energy management systems, affordability is not primarily about the price.

It is the price-product-premises fit; the price you pay for the product should be proportionate to its features, aesthetics, and technology. Therefore, settle for a restaurant energy management system that is affordable. MultiSite LED has the expertise and experience to develop an affordable energy management system for your restaurant.  

Restaurants have turned to energy management systems to attain cost savings and competitiveness. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or buying one for the first time, these tips will be useful and help you choose the best energy management system. If you have any questions about restaurant energy management systems, contact the experts at MultiSite LED.

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