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Adoption of LED Lighting is Gaining Momentum

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Though LED light technology has been available in various forms for years now, adoption is currently ramping up at a serious pace.

The low maintenance lights last for much longer than incandescent lights, remain cooler than traditional lights, and draw fewer watts of energy for a given lumen (or unit of brightness), meaning that a room or area can be just as bright, or brighter, while pulling far less expensive electricity.

Here are just a few ways that LED lighting is changing the lighting industry as a whole while creating long-lasting savings for businesses that implement it.

Various major entities in the public sector have made the switch to LED lights, and more are weighing their options every day. According to Tech Smart, Buckingham Palace is all LED now, saving British citizens some cash while giving the royal family and their administration better and more controllable lighting. 

Cities from Seattle to New York City to Bangor, Maine are all choosing to use LEDs over time as they replace costlier lights that require expensive replacement, sometimes going from replacing lamps every year to replacing LEDs every 15 years.

The savings are only starting to roll in. 


Architects Begin Designing For LED Lights Over Traditional Lights

Architects are some of the people who are most affected by the kind of lighting that is popular, so it is a good sign that the blog Draft to the Show sees a coming revolution in Architectural Lighting Design.

Designing for colored lights, distributed lights, and lighting that is customizable even within the same event space is all far more possible and less cumbersome with LEDs, and architects are poised to take advantage of those features in more and more building contexts.


Retirement Facilities Save for Years with LEDs

In creating the first all-LED Retirement Facility in the country, Holiday Retirement gained a lifetime savings of over $400,000, which will be saved over the next years.

This savings helps the residents by keeping costs of the facility controlled, and Multisite LED was there for the process of design and installation to ensure appropriate lighting levels throughout the facility. 


Sports Fields Receive High-Power LED Treatment

One area where LEDs have made substantial headway is professional stadiums and arenas; they are so controllable, cost saving, and maintenance saving that they were a slam dunk from the beginning.

Parks and Rec Business reports that local sports teams and fields maintained by towns are starting to find uses for LED lights, not on a professional-sports level, but scaled to their needs.

Once the system is installed, it saves money which can be passed on in savings to create more parks and sports availability and become more efficient.


restaurant led lighting

Multi-Location Shops & Restaurants Save on Electrician Visits with LEDs

When Cartridge World took their 3 shop locations to all-LED lighting, they saved on more than just electricity: they saved on electrician visits to change out elements of the bulbs as well as the time and expense of going and getting new bulbs more frequently.

Multisite LED helped them save money on the initial investment with energy company incentives, and brought their expertise to the table to create a system that resulted in brighter stores while aiding the bottom line.

Stores like Cartridge World will be noticed by the stores around them as well as their competition, and many are already seeing that the future is in LED lighting. 

Explore some of our case studies on multi-location restaurants that have converted to restaurant led lighting and see how they benefited here: Case Studies

Others in your industry are already considering the benefits of LED lighting, and the savings are serious and compound over time. Are you ready to take the next step in conserving energy and saving money? Contact us for more details!