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Looking ahead to where your restaurant might be in a decade can sometimes be a daunting process. With so much competition in the restaurant industry, you're maybe afraid to look too far ahead. Of course, with good analytics, you can get a fairly accurate picture.

One thing you should add to your analytics is how lighting will affect your future profits. Using outdated lighting could pose a major risk to ever enjoying substantial ROI. Also, bad lighting could affect what customers think of you now and in the future.

Take a look at how LED lighting is a smart investment.

How Much Would You Save On Your Energy Bills in a Decade?

Here at MultiSite LED, we're proud to say we've worked on dozens of LED lighting installation projects for restaurants. Out of all those projects, we've helped them save exponentially on their energy bills, including over a decade's time.

Did you know it's possible to save up to six figures over ten years? One project we worked on for a KFC franchise in Connecticut and Rhode Island saved them up to $132,664 over this period of time.

All of this is thanks to using LED lights, which can save you up to 80% on your energy bill each month.

The good news is you can also look beyond a decade to determine how much you'll ultimately save.

Lifetime Savings

All of the projects we've worked on involved carefully calculated estimations on how much each quick-serve restaurant would save over a lifetime. Each one had lifetime savings again well in the six figures.

For instance, four Burger King restaurants we installed LED lighting in ended up with a lifetime savings (after payments) of $425,000, which was more than double the initial ten-year savings.

There isn't any doubt you'll experience the same throughout the life of your restaurant. To achieve this, well assess where your LED lights should go and how much you'd lose if you stick with incandescent or CFL lights.

The Real Cost of Incandescent Lights and CFL's Over a Lifetime

Incandescent lights are the oldest form of lighting, and also the most expensive to operate. Over a lifetime, expect to pay up to over $201. This is merely operating these lights for a few hours a day over a year's time. No doubt you keep those incandescent lights on a lot longer in your restaurant.

Maybe you finally gave up incandescent lights and switched to using CFL's. These were certainly an improvement about a decade ago. They cost about $1.20 per year, which adds up to a better lifetime savings. Plus, they last 10,000 hours.

Even then, LED lights beat CFL's by far. No doubt the only reason you didn't invest in LED's a decade ago was because they cost more than CFL's did.

Prices have gone down considerably for LED's since then, making the possibility of savings for your restaurant all the more substantial.

Preventing Replacement for Years

You're going to save your maintenance crew a lot of time not having to constantly change LED lights. The fact that LED's last up to seven years at minimum (and sometimes well over a decade) will help your maintenance crew focus on other things.

In the future, you'll also save them having to climb up into precarious areas of your restaurant to change lights. Most likely, they'll only have to replacement LED's once in their entire career.

As an investment for the future, there isn't a doubt LED lights are unbeatable.

Our LightShare Program at MultiSite LED allows you to enjoy an installation for no money down.

Contact us to learn more about how LED lighting leads the way for future restaurant success.

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