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If you think you've planned out the future of your quick service restaurant and know how you'll keep yourself profitable for years to come, have you included your lighting in the mix?

Creating a lifetime plan of saving money so you can use it to help your restaurant grow frequently starts with finding ways to reduce your energy bills.

Running a restaurant for longer hours is only going to make those bills larger if you don't consider an energy-saving plan. Switching to LED lights is the way forward to more savings than you think.

Planning Out Your First Year of Energy Savings

To start an energy-saving plan, you can take from examples we've applied here at MultiSiteLED. Through our various LED lighting installation projects in fast-food restaurants, we managed to provide first-year savings well into the four figures.

For example, a KFC franchise we worked on managed to save up to $4,373 after just one year of use. This doesn't include utility rebates they received.

Science continues to show the reasoning behind these exponential savings. It starts thanks to LED lights lasting longer than any other type of lighting system. They're also more affordable than ever, especially when you go through the right service.

It's possible to gain a huge ROI when you have to install those lights in multiple locations. We can get this started for you through our LightShare program, requiring no money down.

Expanding Your Energy Savings

Take some time to consider the far-reaching aspects to LED lighting saving you money, and also gaining you more profits.

When you look at the science behind how LED lights make people feel, you'll see some of the outside ways you can keep your quick serve restaurant profitable far into the future.

One thing LED lighting does is help eliminate depression, something important if you want customers to feel good when they visit you. The whole intention in a restaurant like yours is to create an atmosphere of fun so you keep new customers coming in regularly.

Maybe you never thought LED lighting could work on this level. Yet, it shows how subtle lighting is. As a lifetime value, maintaining LED lighting is going to keep your customers loyal because they know you care about restaurant ambiance.

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Savings After a Decade

It pays to think about where you'll be a decade from now in the way of saving money for your restaurant. Will you still be able to make a decent ROI after your initial investment in LED lighting?

You can count on this, especially when you go by some of our other restaurant projects. In a Burger King we worked on, they calculated a decade of savings well over $138,000.

In most cases, LED lights last up to 10 years (sometimes longer) before needing replacing, so you can see how much savings this comes to.

Not having to replace LED lighting systems so often is going to ease the burden on your maintenance crew as well, especially when you have multiple locations.

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Lifetime Savings

Through our various LED lighting installation projects, we've seen quick serve restaurants gain lifetime savings well within six figures.

You obviously don't know how long your restaurant is going to last due to unpredictable events. Still, knowing how much you'd save on your energy bill over a projected lifetime period should give you continual peace of mind.

It's not easy to find a service willing to serve multiple locations to get the installation done. We're one of the few that can here at MultiSite LED.

Contact us to schedule analysis with us so we can show you exact figures on your restaurant's indefinite savings.

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