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RESTAURANT Lighting IDEAS: How Using Colored LED's Can Set Mood

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No doubt you already know the power of color in the marketing you do for your restaurant. Did you know it's possible to use colored lights without it being a massive burden on your electric bill?

If you've thought about using colored lights in your restaurant to set a specific mood, using LED's for this purpose will work well in more than one way.

Take a look at how this works and where you can use colored LED lights for the best effect.

Using Colored LED Lights to Set a Mood

We've written before about how LED lights help set a more positive mood in people. You'll want to keep this in mind for your own restaurant if you're going for a party-like atmosphere.

Using colored LED lights enhance this further, sometimes in subtle ways. Using these type of lights maybe isn't a permanent lighting situation in every part of your restaurant. For a special event, though, it could bring a certain type of look to a party room you use for larger gatherings.

One great thing about colored LED lights is they've improved in quality over the last few years. What's important is to check the Color Rendering Index on your LED's to see how well they render colors. A score of 80 or greater is considered the optimal level.

Colored LED Lights for More Subtle Effects

Thanks to LED lights being directional, you can place them over tables or booths in your restaurant to create certain effects. For instance, you may want to use one specific color to better represent your brand. LED strip lights are a good option for this so they don't look overly conspicuous.

You may also want to use your LED's as accent lighting or just indirect general lighting. With the directional quality, you'll be able to create some interesting effects throughout certain parts of your restaurant. All the while, you'll be saving up to 80% on your energy bill each year, with an annual savings often going into the six figures.

Using Dimming Effects for Your Colored LED Lights

When you work with an LED lighting expert, they'll analyze what you need to bring the most savings and the best effects.

Dimming effects on your colored LED lights are another great way to create a standout aesthetic. You may have to experiment with the dimming effects since some colors don't translate well if dimmed too much. Working with an LED expert, they'll show you what works best and how those different colors change how your restaurant's interior looks.

Once you have you LED's installed in the places you want to use them, you'll have a better idea of how those colors translate.

Using colored LED's directly over tables may need some extra thought. Sometimes overly bright, direct light could cast shadows on your food. By using a dimmer on your LED lights, you can adjust things based on a particular theme night or what customers tell you they like best.

Finding Cooler Colored LED Lights

Those of you who've used colored LED lights before maybe used them in incandescent form, or through CFL's. Both of these lights burn much hotter than LED's do. As a result, those colors you intend to enhance moods could create bigger problems if making your restaurant feel too hot.

Dimming, of course, adjusts the heat levels. Much of this depends on how you want to adjust things in your restaurant to change themes periodically.

At MultiSite LED, we'll help you make a smart decision on the type of LED lights you need. Through our LightShare Program, we'll install LED lights in your quick-serve restaurant for no money down.

Contact us to learn more about colored LED lights and the assessment we'll do before any installation begins.